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Tension Amplifiers & Tension Indicators

Our line of Tension Amplifiers and Tension Indicators are designed to work with our precision tension measuring sensors to transmit the signal and display line tension. Please contact our experts to help select the best configuration for your application requirements.
Tension Display Unit - grams, cN, DaN, Kg and Lbs
3 different calibrations for customer supplied material can be saved at this display unit
Digital Tension Indicator
Panel mount digital display for up to for 4 tension sensors
USB, RS422, and 0-10V DC analog outputs
Panel mount digital display unit
Suitable for connecting a maximum of 4 sensors (different ranges are possible) with analog output 0 – 1 V DC or optional series without integrated amplifier (output mV/V)
Strain Gauge Amplifier
Designed for use with a wide range of strain-gauge-based force, load and tension sensors
High Speed Strain Gauge Amplifier
Large gain bandwidth; DC to 40kHz
Galvanic isolation between power and meas. circuit
24V DC power supply
Tension Indicator
The new SC Series Tension Indicators permit the user to connect from one to three THR 3-Roller Tension Sensors
Miniature Measuring Amplifier for Strain Gauge Sensors
voltage output 0 to ±10V; optional current output 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Tension Indicator
Provides an accurate tension display for all Check-Line sensors on a bright LED display
Digital tension indicator with digital display for Strain Gauge Based Sensors
Automatic zero setting
Digital tension indicator with built-in Amplifier for Capacitive Sensors
The battery-powered D-485 features a digital display with peak capture, adjustable averaging and automatic zero
Analog Tension Display with Built-In Amplifier
The Check-Line TM-353 analog tension indicator features precision electronics for connection to all Capacitive-Based hand-held Tension Sensors
Digital Tension Indicator
Designed to connect to the TS621 or TS481 Strain Gauge Amplifier, as well as the RFSE Tension Sensor
Cable mounted strain gauge measuring amplifier
Cable mounted strain gauge measuring amplifier - Cylindrical Housing Design
Strain Gauge Measurement Amplifier
The TS481 Strain Gauge Amplifier Card is designed for use with the RFS/NWS & WTS Tension Sensors
Measuring amplifier unit for field installation
Tension Display Unit
Combination Digital and Analog Tension Display Unit for use with strain gauge-based sensors
Digital Panel Meter
LED-display with optional limiting value transmitter
Strain Gauge Amplifier
Display for wall-mounting or as desktop device
Output signal: 0 - 1 V
User set limits with LED and Open Collector for external signal unit MIN - MAX interface (Open Collector) for connecting an external signal unit
For use with strain gauge based sensors, 1 or 4 channels
Color touch display makes setup easy
Limit detection - Color change in display, relay output
1 Channel 4.3" Screen Size (95 x 55mm)
4 Channel 7.0" Screen Size (154 x 85mm)
For use with sensors providing mV/V output
Provides ZERO and GAIN Adjustment Pots for Calibration purposes
Requires 15-24V DC power source
DIN Rail Mounting
0-1V DC Output (Standard)
0-10V DC (Option A2)
4-20mA (Option A3)