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IRHD Hardness Testers - International Rubber Hardness Degrees

International Rubber Hardness Degrees (IRHD) test method provides a highly repeatable measurement on rubber parts of various shapes and sizes. It is especially important in determining the hardness of rubber O-rings. The IRHD method employs an initial test load that is applied to the specimen via an indenter. The test is zeroed at this indentation position, then the test force is applied. The distance between the two applied forces is measured and coverted to an IRHD hardness value. Preload forces are 0.85 gf for micro scales and 30.5 gf for regular scales. Total test forces are 15.63 gf for micro and 581 gf for regular scales.
Micro IRHD Hardness Measuring System
For material thickness from 1 to 5 mm
Measures according to DIN ISO 48, ISO 48, ASTM D 1415, BS 903: Part A26
Macro IRHD Hardness Measuring System
For material thickness 6mm and greater
For testing according to ASTM D1415, DIN ISO 48, ISO 48 and DIN 53505
The Digi test II is an automatic test system for Shore, IRHD and VLRH
An electronic control unit with a large LCD display serves as the main interface of the system and displays the user’s information for measuring time, method, measurement, and various selectable features.
Fully automatic gelatin capsule digital hardness test system
FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant with a 3-Q Validation Report
Test blocks for verification of IRHD-MICRO Measuring Device
Test blocks for verification of IRHD-MACRO Measuring Device
O-Ring Centering Device for IRHD-MICRO
X-Table Centering Device for IRHD-MICRO
Prism Centering Device for IRHD and Durometer Stands