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Panel Tachometers

Panel Mount Tachometers are used to measure RPM, measuring conveyor speed, motor speed and many other applications. They can be custom programmed to fit your application. Rugged and reliable, our 1/8 din panel mount tachometers are designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets and are suitable for a broad range of applications. From the economical DT-5TS to the sophisticated yet affordable DT-5TXR with optional output modules, panel tachometers are engineered to meet the strictest tolerances.
Panel Tachometer
Great versatility with multiple sensor input capability in one unit: NPN open collector, contact and square or sine wave sensor inputs
Panel Techometer with Optional Output Modules
Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Accepts up to two output modules allowing voltage, current, BCD, NPN & relay output combinations for control or remote process monitoring
Frequency to Voltage Converter with Galvanic Isolation
Powered by 18 - 32V DC
Proximity Sensors for Measuring Rotational Speed of Gears and more
Magnetic Pick-Up Sensors for Measuring Rotational Speed
Photo Reflective Speed Sensors for measuring RPM of rotating objects
Rotary Pulse Generators for RPM Measurement
Multi-Purpose Panel Tachometer
Set-up data is easily entered via front panel keys and is not lost during power failures
Accepts various modules; works with a variety of sensors
Economical Panel Tachometer
Highly accurate (± 0.008% ± 1 digit) makes ideal for process control and analysis
Measuring Range: 10 - 99,999 rpm (at 1p/r)
0.2 - 30,000 rpm (at 60 p/r)