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Digital Dynamometers

Our Electronic Digital Dynamometers precisely measure inline force and tension in ropes, cables, guy wires and more. Our rugged dynamometers are the preferred choice of public utilities, nuclear facilities, tower erectors, armed services and material handlers throughout the world. Our digital models can store data and wirelessly (optional feature) send it to a remote display.
Digital Dynamometer
4 Ranges up to 25,000 Lb-f
Digital Dynamometer
10 Ranges up to 550,000 Lb-f
High resolution and accurate repeatable readings
Wireless Dynamometer with hand-held digital display
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
ATEX / Ex Approved Intrinsically Safe Wireless Dynamometer
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
Remote Display for EDxtreme
Digital Dynamometer with Built-In Display
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
StageSafe Load Cell for Entertainment Rigging
3te / 3000 Kg / 6600 lb Capacity
Wireless or Wired Operation
Bluetooth Dynamometer
Capacity 6.5 tonnes / 14,300 lbs
Wireless Range 328 ft / 100 m