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Digital & Mechanical Force Gauges

Checkline.com offers a complete line of Mechanical Force Gauges, Digital Force Gauges as well as Mechanical Test Stands & Motorized Test Stands for a wide range of force measuring tasks. From basic pull testing to advanced material testing with force vs distance measurement we have you covered.
For Precision Force Measurement. Basic and Advanced Models available with USB Data Output and High Speed Sampling.
Rugged and reliable analog force gauges with peak force indicators.
Reliable test stands for repeatable force testing results.
Basic and Programmable stands for high precision advanced force testing applications.
Force Gauge & Test Stand Packages for many testing applications
Manual and Motorized Pull Testers to test wire crimp strength.
For ergonomic testing. Kits include full set of attachments for accurate testing.
Testing of adhesives, films, and packaging. 45, 90 and 180 Degree Test Systems with data output.
Puncture resistance is the measure of the maximum force required to penetrate a material.
Examples of our force gauges in use on a variety of applications
Software & Tools to expand your force gauges capabilities
Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges
Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges
Digital and Mechanical Force Gauges
Attachments for Imada Force Gauges
Attachments for Mark-10 Force Gauges
Attachments for Shimpo Force Gauges
Interchangeable remote force and torque sensors
Self-Indicating Compression Load Cell
5 ranges from 250lb to 11,000lb
Housing Production IP65 or NEMA4X
Optional Hand-held Wired Remote Display (HHP)
2-Year Warranty
The new FG-3000R Series digital force gauges are the choice for simple, cost-effective compression testing. Combining one of the most compact housings, yet maintaining a large back-lit LCD, these units were designed to fit perfectly in the hand for ease of use.
The FG-7000L Series digital force gauges provide additional tension and compression testing flexibility with their external load cell input. External load cells are immediately recognized when connected to the display base. Three styles of load cells are available for your specific testing needs.
The FG-7000TA Series digital torque gauges provide testing flexibility with their external torque sensor input. Torque sensors with the adjustable clamp adapter are immediately recognized when connected to the display base. Units are available for your specific testing needs in 1 N-m (9 in-lb) 5 N-m (44 in-lb) & 10 N-m (88 in-lb) capacities.
Compression load cells designed for measuring loads up to 500 tons. Wireless and Wire models available
Wireless and Wired load shackles for measuring loads up to 400 tons
Force Gauges with limit monitoring, data recording, statistical functions
Force gauges are used in nearly every industry, for testing everything from wire springs to muscle strength in people. They are used in the field, on the production floor, in the development lab and in quality assurance testing. While the primary job of these gauges is peak force measurement when pushing or pulling, this can be applied in many different ways, including friction tests, tensile strength measurements, and more. At Checkline.com, we offer a variety of test systems, from peel testers for adhesives and films to wire terminal pull testers. Choose a tester to measure puncture resistance in a lab, or a strength test kit for use in physical therapy offices.

We carry Imada, Mark-10, and Shimpo brand force gauges. Choose from tough, durable mechanical gauges with analog readings, and precise digital force gauges that can interface with software to collect data. We offer compression force gauges, mechanical and motorized test stands, software, safety shields, grips, adapters, torque measurement, and many other accessories for force gauges.

Not sure which force gauge is right for you? Please contact our experts for application assistance.