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Paper Moisture Meters

Paper Moisture meters for paper bales, paper rolls, recycled paper and more. Please view our complete line of Moisture meters below. Please contact us today for more information.
Paper Moisture Meter for rolls and piles
Measuring range: 1% to 25% water content
Moisture Meter for Piles and Non-Rotating Rolls of Paper
Measuring range 1% to 15% , Measuring depth: 20 mm
PMP-USB transfers stored data to a PC
PMP-USB supplied with Free Software & Cable
For measurement of moisture in stacks of paper
Measurement accuracy of ±1.5% & resolution of 0.1%
Built-in data logger. RH5-USB model includes USB data output and free software
Can also be used for normal relative air humidity measurement
Advanced Paper Moisture Meter
Paper moisture meter with sword sensor for piles of paper
With data logger and customer calibration function
Recycling Paper Moisture Meter
Measuring range: 1 to 50% water content
Resolution: 0.5% water content
Supplied in foam-fitted carrying case
Built-in Data Logger for 10,000 values
Includes USB Output, supplied with Data Analysis Software
Humimeter Digital Relative Humidity Moisture Meter
Display: Digital Hygrometer
Probe: Internal
Used for measuring relative air humidity
Paper Moisture Meter
Measuring range: 0% to 10% water content
Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method
Portable paper moisture meter for painted papers
Measuring range: 0% to 8% water content
Quick and highly accurate measurement using a non-destructive method
Replaced by RP6
Replaced by RP6
Replaced by RP6
Running-Line Paper Roll Moisture Meter with range up to 25%
Built-in Datalogger with USB Output, supplied with software and data transfer cable
Built-in 90-degree Infrared Temp Sensor for temperature compensated measurements
Paper Roll Moisture Meter
Measuring Range up to 25% with resolution of 0.1%
Built-in datalogger for 10,000 data points
Built-in Automatic Temp Compensation for highest accuracy