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Mechanical Hand-Held Tension Meters

Hand-Held Mechanical Tension Meters for textiles, fibers, wire and more. Please contact our experts to review your application and help you select the best tension meter for your needs.
The world standard for textiles, fibers, wire and more.
10 Tension ranges from 10 - 50 g to 5 - 20 Kg
Precision Mechanical Tension Meter
12 ranges, 20-120 g up to 5-50 kg
Large linear dial face
Mechanical Tension Meter for low Tension Limited Access Fibers, Yarns and Fine Wires up to 100g
7 Ranges, 1-5 g up to 10-100 g
Handy Plastic Housing
Miniature Rollers
Mechanical Tension Meter for Fibers, Yarns and Fine Wires up to 300g
6 Ranges, 3-30 g up to 20-300 g
Handy Plastic Housing
Standard V-Grooved Rollers
Felt Tension Meter
Measuring Range: 0-120 pli
Measures the running tension of dryer felts, forming fabrics
Tension Meter for textile warps
0-100 emperical unit scale
Spring Loaded Operation
Tension Meter for EDM applications
Special versions for specific EDM machines are available
Zivy Tension Meter
12 Ranges 0.5 - 3g up to 50 - 170g
Easy To Use
Tension Meter for Pretensioned Wire/Fiber Ropes
4 tension ranges from10 - 100 kg to 40 - 400 kg
Rope diameter: 2 - 4 mm
Fixed Cables, Wire Rope and Guy Wires
0-100 emperical unit scale
Calibration with measurement sample required
Tension Meter with Motorized Take-up Wheel
Designed for setting yarn tension devices
Screen Tension Meter
Designed to measure tension on a screen printing frame
Strap Tension Meter to measure the tension of 35 mm or 50 mm wide lashing straps. VDI Guideline 2700 / DIN EN 12195-1 / DIN EN 12195-2 / TUL-LO