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Durometer Accessories

Enables user to perform a quick check for proper durometer operation
Durometer Test Stands are used together with any of our Checkline or Asker Durometers to help minimize the influence of the operator and to improve repeatability and accuracy of measurements
Certified Durometer Test Disks for checking durometer indentor extension
Allows operator to check for proper durometer operation
Measures O-Rings 1/16" to 1/4"
V-Block & Base plate for O-rings and small samples
Allows precise, repeatable measurement of small samples
Durometer Calibrator
Allows users to accurately calibrate durometors in-house
The Constant Load Weight for gauges with an 822g springload (types A, B, O) slides onto the lower barrel of the gauge, gives it a wider foot, and raises the mass of the gauge to the suggested 1kg
18mm Durometer Foot Attachment DIN / ASTM Type R
The Big Foot increases the diameter of the foot from 1/2" to 1 3/8" diameter
Test Block Kit for Flat Bottom HP Durometers
Custom fixtures are available for your specific application
Test Block for Curved Bottom HP Textile Durometers