Tachometer Accessories

Tachometer Accessories - Cone Tip, Funnel Tip, Reflective tape
Funnel Tip
Cone Tip
3" Shaft Extension
6" Circumference Wheel
12" Circumference Wheel
12" Circumference Knurled Aluminum Measuring Wheel
6 in Circumference U-grooved Wheel
Replacement Contact Adapter for DT-205LR and DT-207LR
Replacement Contact Adapter for DT-205L, DT-207L, DT-209X
Reflective Tape (1 in x 7 in)
Reflective Tape (35 1/2 in Squares)
Reflective Tape (1/2" x 5')
Expands from 10 1/2" to 40"
Welding Wire Speed Adapter
For use with CDT-2000HD
Wire, Cable, and Rope Speed Adaptor
Measurement of wires, cables and ropes up to 8 mm
For use with CDT-2000HD
Spare Screw-In Contact Adapter for PLT-5000