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Benchtop Material Thickness Gauges

Benchtop Material Thickness Gauges offered in both English (Inch) and Metric (mm) units. Wide variety of Feeler types are offered along with different jaw depth for thickness measurement of foils, films, textiles, fabrics, fleece, foam and much more. Manual and Motorized Models available.
Material Thickness Gauge
Conveniently performs thickness measurement on rubber, fabrics, foams, tapes/films and a wide assortment of other soft materials
Range: 0-1 inch (0-25 mm)
Universal Benchtop Material Thickness Gauge
Various configurations to measure according to ASTM, DIN, EN & ISO Standards
Precision Material Thickness Gauge for a wide variety of materials including fabrics, various textiles, non-wovens, felt, fleece, geomaterials, floor coverings, leather, foils, rubber etc.
For measuring to DIN ISO standards, 5084, 9073-2, 9863-1, 54540, 2589, 53370
Precision Material Thickness Gauge
For textiles and non-woven textiles according to DIN EN ISO 5084
For fleece according to DIN EN ISO 9073-2
Precision Material Thickness Gauge
Resolution 0.01 mm - standard, 0.001 mm - optional
Precision Material Thickness Gauge
Separate measuring block, incased against outside external impacts, for highest accuracy and repeatability
Precision Benchtop Thickness Gauge
Graphic display for readings and statistics
Textile thickness gauge
Measures textile thickness according to to ISO 5084 specifications.