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Metal Hardness Tester

Metal Hardness Tester
Displays hardness in HV (Vickers), HRC (Rockwell), HS (Shore) and HB (Brinnel) units.
Portable Leeb Hardness Tester for Steel
± 4 HLD Accuracy
Leeb Metal Hardness Tester, Rebound Hardness
Accuracy of ± 4HL (0.5% at 800HL)
Heavy Duty Portable Hardness Tester
Available in Leeb, UCI, or both methods in one unit.
Metal Hardness Tester
Direct display of hardness values in Rockwell HRB, Rockwell HRC, Vickers HV, Brinell HB, Shore HS and Leeb HLD
Barcol Hardness Impressor
Measures the hardness of soft metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, and other materials such as harder plastics, and fiber-reinforced plastic