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Force Test Systems

1000lb Capacity Wire Pull Tester
Supplied with Heavy-Duty Wedge Grips
The FSA-MSL Material Tester is designed for force vs distance measurement. It is ideal for tests requiring very small movement, like switch tests.
4 Ranges up to 11 lbs / 5 Kg / 50 N Capacity
Force Test System with USB Data Output
Available in 5 Ranges up to 110 lbs
Includes Gauge and Test Stand
Designed for compression and tensile testing of small samples
It precisely measures push pull forces as low as 0.0001 lb with an accuracy of ± 0.5% full scale ±1 digit
Includes Gauge and Test Stand
High Capacity Force Test System
1000lb Capacity
Includes Gauge and Test Stand
FSA-1KE Material Tester, Measures Force vs Displacement
High resolution and high speed data output for data collection of up to 2,000 samples per second.