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Biomass Moisture Meters

Biomass Moisture Content Meters are specially-designed for accurate moisture measurement or water content of wood chips, barks, wood pellets, straw or miscanthus, elephant grass, wood shavings, round wood,sawdust and more.
Range: 5 to 50% with 0.5% resolution and accuracy of ±1.5%
Automatic temperature compensation
Includes built-in memory for 10,000 values
BMC-USB includes USB data output
Measuring range 5 to 70% water content, depending on the material
For measurement of wood chips, bark, pellets, elephant grass, wood shavings and sawdust and corn cob
Display of ATRO tons/m3 (optional)
Pellet Moisture Meter
Measure Water content in wood pellets; thistle, straw, rape elephant grass, etc.
Range: 3 to 20% with 0.1% resolution and accuracy of ±0.5%
Moisture Meter with Insertion Probe for wood chips or similar
Measurement within seconds without prior treatment of samples
Includes built-in datalogger
Sawdust Moisture Meter
Built in calibrations for Beech, Birch, Spruce, Pine, Poplar and Oak
Measuring Range: 15 - 60%
Humimeter BM1 & BM2 Biomass Moisture Meter for wood chips, shavings and pellets, bark, wood shavings and much more
Range: 5 to 60% with 0.5% resolution and accuracy of ±1.5%
Automatic temperature compensation
Online Moisture Measuring System
Provides linear 4-20 mA output for both moisture and temperature
Hay and Straw Moisture Meter With Stabbing Probe
Measuring range: 8% to 60% water content
23.6 inch long moisture probe
For testing water content deep inside hay and straw bales
Suitable for Wood chips, pellets, saw dust, round wood, split wood hay bales and straw bales.
Measuring range: up to 60% water content
Accuracy: < 2.5%
Instant measuring results
Wood Chip Moisture Tester
Measuring range: up to 30% water content
Measuring Depth: max. 200 mm
press the instrument firmly onto the wood chips and the absolute moisture content value will be displayed on the LCD display