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SH-21 Metal Hardness Tester - Rockwell HRC

SH-21 Metal Hardness Tester
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The SH-21 (now SH-21A) is designed for precise measurement of hardness in difficult to reach areas of compact parts, metal casts, gears, crank shafts, component parts and more. It is ideal for inspection and maintenance of large-scale structures, vehicles, ships, steel towers, bridges, aircraft.


  • Fast action, measures hardness in seconds.
  • Practically undetectable measurement technique leaves indentations of 0.1mm2 allowing use on finished products.
  • Displays hardness in HV (Vickers), HRC (Rockwell), HS (Shore) and HB (Brinnel) units.
  • Measurement can be converted to tensile strength, N/mm2
  • Readings not affected by surface underneath test sample.
  • 2000 Reading data memory can be transferred to PC.

Complete Kit

Supplied as a complete kit including display, probe, hardness test block (approx 55HRC), 1.5m probe cable, 100-240V AC Adapter, Battery charger, 1 Li-On battery, carrying case.


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Measuring IndentorDiamond indenter for Micro-Vickers
(facing-to- surface angle of 136°)
Testing ForceSH-21-E2: Approx 2kgf (roughly 20N)
SH-21-E1: Approx 1kgf (roughly 10N)
SH-21-E4: Approx 4kgf (roughly 40N) (manual probe only)
Measuring RangeRockwell hardness: HRC 10.0 - 70.0
Vickers hardness: HV 100 - 999
Shore hardness: HS 20.0 - 99.9
Brinell hardness: HB 85 - 550
Resolution1HV, 0.1HRC, 0.1HS, 1HB, 1N/mm2 (tensile strength)
RepeatabilityHRC : ± 1.0HRC
HV : ± (3%rdg)HV
HS : ± 1.0HS
HB : ± (3%rdg)HB
Applicable test materialsSteel is the principle material, other metallic materials may also be measured by calibrating against a standard hardness test block.
DisplayDigital display (LCD, 4 digits) with EL backlight
Temp limit0-50 C Ambient
PowerAC adapter(100 - 240V) or lithium ion rechargeable battery
Battery Life5 hours using backlight, 8 hours without backlight
DimensionsDisplay: 97(W) x 50(D) x 170(H) mm
Probe diameter: 40mm, length: 164mm
WeightDisplay: approx. 400g (including battery)
Probe and cable: approx. 400g
Carrying case dimensions400(W) x 220(D) x 140(H) mm
OutputRS-232C output used for data transmission or printing
FrequencyMotorized / manual switchover type approx 69-71kHz
Manual type (optional) approx 38-40kHz
ConversionHV, HRC, HS, HB, N/mm2 according to JIS B 7731, ASTM E 140, DIN 50150
Warranty1 Year

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SH-21 Metal Hardness Tester with 2Kg load
SH-21 Metal Hardness Tester with 1Kg load
SH-21 Metal Hardness Tester with 2Kg load and CE Certificate of Conformance
Sonohard Metal Hardness Tester, 2kg/20N load - DEMO Model
Traceable Calibration Certificate for SH-21
Measuring stand for SH-21
Probe attachment, standard type for SH-21
Probe attachment for pipe materials for SH-21
Probe attachment for inner races for SH-21
Standard Hardness Test Block around HRC55
Standard Hardness Test Block around HV600
Standard Hardness Test Block around HB300
Standard Hardness Test Block around HS50
Printer with cable for SH-21
Roll paper for printer 10 roll / 1 set
Probe cable for motorized probe for SH-21
RS-232C output cable for SH-21
Rechargeable battery for SH-21
Battery Charger for MK-8401 Battery for SH-21
AC adapter 100-240V for SH-21
Carrying case for SH-21
SH-21 Motorized probe (2kgf 20N)
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