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QH7 Heavy Duty Portable Hardness Tester

QH7 Heavy Duty Portable Hardness Tester
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QH7 Series "HEAVY DUTY" hardness testers are built in an aluminum enclosure for use in the most adverse conditions. They are ideal for heavy industries and mining, and are available in Leeb, UCI, or both methods in one unit.


  • Complies with ASTM A-956 & ASTM E-140 standards
  • Measure in any direction with auto angle detection
  • CalTag technology on impact devices and probes
  • Graphical representations and statistics
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Aluminum enclose with rubber sides
  • Programmable quick access key
  • Send data via Bluetooth
  • Color backlight alphanumeric LCD display


Method Leeb UCI
Models QH7L, QH7C QH7U, QH7C
Heavy solid parts ++ +
Founded or forged ++ O
Steel as well as aluminum alloys ++ O
Weld Heat Affected Zones O ++
Tubes and pipes O ++
Bars + ++
Metal plates and sheet metal coils + ++
Non-homogenous surfaces ++ O
Thin parts + ++
++ ideal
+ depends on actual part
O not recommended

DataCenter Software

DataCenter is software used to transfer and process data stored in the unit memory. With the tools in DataCenter you can generate statistics, graphics, export data to other programs and prepare custom reports. With the QH7 measurements can be transferred using a USB cable and or by Bluetooth.

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Leeb (Energy absorbed on impact)
MaterialsSteel and cast steel, alloy tool steel, stainless steel, grey cast iron, spheroid iron, cast aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and user defined materials
Resolution1 HL - 1 HB - 1HV - 0.1HRC - 0.1 HRB - 0.1 HRB - 0.1 HS - 1 N/mm2 (Mechanical Resistance)
Accuracy± 4 HL (0.5% at 800 HL)
Measuring RangeHL 150 - 960
UCI (Ultrasonic contact impedance)
MaterialsSteel, other metals with calibration blocks
UCI Probe Types10N UCI
Probe Ideal to measure superficial hardness, polished surfaces and small parts with a good finish. Maximum roughness is Ra 5µm
Probe Measure induction or cemented treated parts such as crankshafts, gears, welds and heat affected zones. Maximum roughness is Ra 10µm
Probe Recommended for use in founded parts, weld seams and heat affected zones even in unmachined surfaces. Maximum roughness is Ra 15µm.
Resolution1HV - 0,1HRC - 0,1HRB - 1HB - 0,1HS -1N/mm2 (Mechanical Resistance)
AccuracyA maximum 5% tolerance in HV
Measuring RangeHV 230 - 940

Complete Kit

The QH7 comes complete with impact device, UCI probe, or both ( QH7 C model ); test block, printed user manual, certificate of conformity, CD with software DataCenter FULL, USB cable, SE520 high impact carrying case and rubber protections for both sides of the enclosure.

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Combined Leeb & UCI Heavy Duty Portable Metal Hardness Tester
Leeb Heavy Duty Portable Metal Hardness Tester
UCI Heavy Duty Portable Metal Hardness Tester
Type D (universal) impact device with cable and connector
Impact device DC
Impact device DL
Impact device C
Impact device G
Impact device E
Impact device replacement cable with connector
UCI Probes
10N UCI with cable and connector
50N UCI with cable and connector
98N UCI with cable and connector
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