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IRHD-ORCD O-Ring Centering Device for IRHD-MICRO

O-Ring Centering Device for IRHD-MICRO
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The patented O-Ring centering device is compatible with the IRHD-MICRO tester. O-Rings with a cord dia. of 0.6 mm to 8 mm are placed on the measuring table and pushed to the positioning pin. The cord dia. is entered into the MICRO IRHD software. Integrated electric motors precisely move the measuring table to the measuring axis. This results in measuring the highest position of the O-ring.


  • Allows exact measurement at the highest point of the O-Ring
  • O-Ring cord dia. 0.6 mm to 8 mm, adjustable steps of 0.01 mm
  • Does not apply pressure to o-ring avoiding measurement errors

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Table DimensionsØ160 mm x 208 mm
Overall Dimensions130 mm x 140 mm x 86 mm
Net Weight1.7kg

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O-Ring Centering Device for IRHD-MICRO
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