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WTT-ESM Motorized Wire Terminal Tester

Made in USA
Motorized Wire Terminal Pull Tester
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2 System Configurations
WTT-ESM-STD Basic System for destructive testing
WTT-ESM-ADV Advanced System with Load Holding

The WTT-ESM Motorized Wire Terminal Test System is a precision solution for wire terminal testing applications up to 200 lb.

The WTT-ESM-STD is a basic system designed for destructive testing to determine the maximum force a crimped on connector will hold.

The WTT-ESM-ADV is specifically designed for meeting ASTM test standards that require a test sample to maintain a specific load for a set interval (typically 1 minute). The load holding control function will automatically adjust the load to stay constant during the test. Performs Test Procedures According to UL486A and SAE/USCAR-21

Standard USB output allow operators to transfer data to a PC or data collection system.


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • LCD display with UP, DOWN, STOP and emergency stop buttons and soft keys
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo and analog outputs
  • Integrated travel limit switches
  • Removable fixture mounting plate with matrix of threaded holes
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Password protection of test parameters, to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Stepper motor-driven, produces 0% speed variation load
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • CE Certified


Capacity200 lbs / 100 Kg / 1000 N (alternate ranges available)
Standard Speed Range0.6 - 13 in/min (13 - 330 mm/min)
Maximum Travel18.0 in (457 mm)
Speed Setting Accuracy±0.2%
Speed Variation with load±0% (Stepper motor driven)
Limit switch repeatability0.001 in (0.03 mm)
PowerUniversal input 80-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight (without options)56.5 lb (25.6 kg)

Complete System

The WTT-ESM is sold as a complete test system that includes the following items;

1. ESM303 - Programmable Motorized Test Stand
2. M4-200 - Digital Force Gauge
3. G1002 - Wire Cam Grip
4. G1076 - Wire Terminal Grip

The WTT-ESM-ADV also Includes:

5. 09-1214 - Multi-function cable, gauge to ESM303
6. AF014 - Cycling / dwell time
7. AF020 - Load Holding / Closed loop force control
8.* M5-200 - M5 Advanced Digital Force Gauge instead of the M4 Force Gauge Supplied with WTT-ESM-STD
*Item 8 is in place of Item 2.


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