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MX-110 Motorized Test Stand, Capacity: 110 lb / 50 Kg / 500N, Speed: 0.4 – 11.5 in/min

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Capacity: 110lbs / 50Kg / 490N

The new MX-110 test stand offers consistent and reliable testing. The combination of a screw drive system and state-of-the-art brushless motor provides extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range.

Connect the MX-110 test stand with a Z Series force gauge and enable force controlled testing. Force control can automatically stop testing when the force value reaches the high setpoint programmed on the Z Series force gauge, or maintain the force between the Z Series High and Low setpoints. Force control is ideal for fatigue or non-destructive testing.

The MX-110 accepts any of the standard range force gauges. Quick switch and Emergency Stop features are also included.

Designed to work with the Z2 & ZP force gauges.


  • One stand for both compression (push) and tension (pull) tests
  • Force Controlled operation with ZTA force gauges
  • 4 speed ranges:
    0.4 – 11.5 in/min
    0.08 ~ 2.3 in/min ("-O")
    0.8 - 23.0 in/min ("-F")
    1.6 - 47.0 in/min ("-WF")
  • Jog, Single Cycle, Continuous Cycle, Force Control
  • Maximum clearance 9" (with extender 14")


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Ordering Guide

Model Speed Range Distance Meter
MX-110 0.4 – 11.5 in/min
(10 - 292 mm/min)
MX-110-F 0.8 - 23.0 in/min
(18 - 584 mm/min)
MX-110-WF 1.5 - 47.0 in/min
(38 - 1194 mm/min)
MX-110S 0.4 – 11.5 in/min
(10 - 292 mm/min)
MX-110S-MS 0.7 - 23.0 in/min
(18 - 584 mm/min)
MX-110S-HS 1.5 - 47.0 in/min
(38 - 1194 mm/min)


Capacity110lbs / 50Kg
Travel RateRefer to Ordering Guide above
DimensionsRefer to Dimensions above
Compatible Gauges Z2, ZP and DS2
Warranty2 years
*NoteOptional Distance Meter Max Sampling Rate Output - 2 Samples Per Second

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Motorized Test Stand, Capacity: 110 lb / 50 Kg / 500N, Speed: 0.4 – 11.5 in/min
Force Control Cable
Combination Force Control / Dataouput Cable
Lexan Safety Shield
5 inch extension plate
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