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DB-1X - DB2-X Data Input Button

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DB-1X: one channel model - collects force or torque data
DB-2X: two channel model - collects both force or torque and displacement data (use with test stands equipped with digital distance meters)

DB-1X is a simple, compact, one channel interface that enables the user to send measurement data to a PC running SW-1, data acquisition software, or other software.

Single data mode simplifies peak measuring tests because it also ‘zeros’ the gauge after sending the data to the computer, thus eliminating the need to reset manually for each test.

Automatic acquisition mode allows users to select different acquisition rates from 20 data/second to 1 data/999.9 seconds. Start data acquisition by clicking the button, then click again to stop, which simplifies start/stop functions by eliminating the need to use computer mouse and screen to control testing. This allows users to focus on the testing rather than the PC and the data acquisition spreadsheet. As a visual confirmation, the LED lamp will light up for both single data and automatic acquisition modes when data is being sent to the computer. No external power supply is needed as power is supplied through the PC. Connect force gauges to the data input button with cable CB203 and the computer to the data button with a 6' DB9 serial cable (included with DB-1X).

DB-1X can also be initiated with a remote switch.


  • Send data to the PC spread sheet with the touch of a button
  • Select different acquisition rates
  • Zero the gauge

DB-2X Setup Diagram

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