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WTT-ESM750HD Motorized Wire Terminal Pull Tester System, 750 lb / 340 Kg Capacity

Made in USA
High Capacity Motorized Wire Terminal Test System - WTT-ESMHD
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The WTT-ESMHD system is a high capacity motorized pull tester designed for checking wire terminal crimp strength per UL and MIL specifications.

Available in 750 or 1500 lb capacity, the WTT-ESMHD includes a slotted wire terminal fixture accommodating wires up 0000 AWG (4/0) (.46" / 11.8mm diameter).

The included force gauge offers measuring accuracy of ±0.1% full scale, a backlit LCD displays with large legible characters and a simple menu navigation for quick access to the gauges’ many features and configurable parameters. Data can be transferred to a PC or other data collector via USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo (Digimatic), or analog outputs.

Optional load-holding allows for non-destructive testing where a programmed force is held for a set time, according to UL486A and SAE/USCAR-21 specifications.

On-board data memory for up to 1,000 readings is included, as are statistical calculations and output to a PC. Integrated set points with indicators are ideal for pass-fail testing and for triggering external devices such as an alarm, relay, or test stand. The gauges are overload protected to 150% of capacity, and an analog load bar is shown on the display for graphical representation of applied force.


  • Includes NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Component based system can be customized for your application
  • LCD display with UP, DOWN, STOP and emergency stop buttons and soft keys
  • USB, RS-232, Mitutoyo and analog outputs
  • Integrated travel limit switches
  • Removable fixture mounting plate with matrix of threaded holes
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Password protection of test parameters, to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Stepper motor-driven, produces 0% speed variation load
  • CE Certified

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Complete System for destructive testing. For NON-destructive add option WTT-ESMHD-LH

The WTT-ESMHD is sold as a complete test system that includes the following items;

1. ESM750SFG or ESM1500SFG - Programmable Motorized Test Stand
2. M5-750 or M5-1500 - Digital Force Gauge
3. G1094 - Wire Cam Grip
4. G1093 - Wire Terminal Grip
5. AC1045-2 - Eye end adapter


Accuracy±0.1% of full scale
Maximum travel distance:14.2 in [360 mm]
Speed range: Standard: 0.5 - 24 in/min [10 - 600 mm/min]
Optional: 0.001 - 90 in/min [0.02 - 2,300 mm/min]
Speed setting accuracy:±0.2% of setting
Speed variation with load:±0% [stepper motor driven]
Travel accuracy:±0.002 in. per 10 in. [±0.05 mm per 250 mm]
Travel resolution:0.001 in [0.02 mm]
Limit switch repeatability:±0.001 in [0.03 mm]
Power: Universal input 80-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Weight: Shipping weight approximatley 150 lb [68 kg]
Included accessories:USB cable, instrument-stand interface cable, base eye end with 2 locking rings, 2 spanner wrenches, gauge/indicator mounting screws, Allen wrench set, Resource CD
Warranty:3 years [see individual statement for further details]
Conformance:CE mark
Operating Temperature Range40 - 100°F, max. 96% humidity, non-condensating

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Motorized Wire Terminal Pull Tester System, 750 lb / 340 Kg Capacity - Please contact us for pricing and availability.
MESUR gauge Load & Travel Analysis Software - NO LONGER AVAILABE, Order Mesurgage Plus - Please contact us for pricing and availability.
WTT-ESMHD Optional Features
Overload Protection Option for ESM1500 / ESM750
Auto return Option for ESM1500 / ESM750
Non-Destructive Testing Options (Add Both for Load Holding)
Cycling / dwell time Option for ESM1500 / ESM750
Loadholding Option for ESM1500 / ESM750
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