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TT-IMP Impact Torque Wrench Tester

Made in USA
Impact Torque Tester
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The TT-IMP impact torque wrench test system is specially designed with extra-rugged construction for the demanding job of testing impact tools. The flange-mounted transducer is fixed in a heavy-duty frame designed for secure bench top mounting. A digital display is connected remotely to isolate the electronics from the damaging vibrations caused by impact tools. A specially designed spline drive run-down-fixture simulates real-world application conditions, allowing the impact tool motor to ramp-up to freely rotate several times before building resistance to rotation.

The included digital indicator can display torque in lb-ft, N-m, Lb-in or Kg-m (selectable) with an accuracy of +/-1% (bi-directional with optional reverse threaded run-down-fixture).

The TT-41000 Series impact torque testers are designed to check tool operation and consistency. The measured torque value does not precisely indicate the effective clamp load of the bolt. It is common for tool manufacturer's specified torque output to vary by +/-20% versus what the TT-41000 will indicate however the critical value is repeatability, not measured output.

The TT-IMP is designed for use with impact and impulse tools only. It is not compatible with hand torque wrenches or reaction tools. The display included with the TT-IMP can be used with our IT Transducers to extend its capabilities.

Impact Torque Test System with run-down-fixture and display


  • Counts Pulses / Blows while displaying peak torque
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Solid machined aluminum plate for weight reduction and long term durability
  • Spline engagement of rundown into torque transducer improves durability of transducer
  • Test stand is designed with feet to accomodate bolting test stand to bench
  • Supplied as a complete system with bench-mount transducer, run-down-fixture, display and connecting cable.

Video Demonstration

Torque Ranges

ModelCalibrated Measuring RangeDrive Size
TT-410250F-IMP25 - 250 lb-ft / 34 - 340 Nm
TT-410500F-IMP50 - 500 lb-ft / 68 - 680 Nm
TT-4101000F-IMP100 - 1000 lb-ft / 135 - 1355 Nm
TT-4102000F-IMP200 - 2000 lb-ft / 270 - 2700 Nm1.5" Female Square
TT-4102500F-IMP250 - 2500 lb-ft / 340 - 3400 Nm1.5" Female Square
TT-4105000F-IMP500 - 5000 lb-ft / 680 - 6800 Nm1.5" Female Square
TT-4107500F-IMP750 - 7500 lb-ft / 1017 - 10170 Nm1.5" Female Square
Custom ranges available, inquire for details

TT-IMP Options

The test stand can be connected to the MTM or TT-3000 torque testers with external port option. They can also be configured with digital output for connection to a tablet or direct to your PC with our Tools software application. Inquire for details.

Notes for Impact Testing

Set filter on AWS-4050 Torque Display to 1000 Hz
Back off run-down between each test
Be aware of heat build-up, it breaks down the lubricant in the run-down fixture, increasing friction. Let the run-down cool after a few minutes of use (this will vary by torque range)

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Calibrated Range10-100% Full Scale, bi-directional (with optional reverse threaded run-down-fixture).
Accuracy±1.0% of indicated (within calibrated range)
Warranty1 Year
Calibration CertificateIncludes NIST Traceable calibration certificate with data
Operating Temp32 - 120 °F (0-50 °C)
PowerRechargable NiMH batteries provide 10 -12 hours of continuous use
Weight10-20lbs depending on range
Specifications below for Display
Operating ModesPeak, 1st Peak, Track
Resolution4 Active Digits
FilteringSelectable; 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1000Hz, 1500Hz and 2000Hz
Memorydata storage of up to 999 readings
Data OutputRS-232
Display62 x 62mm backlit LCD
Alarm LimitsLED for Visual Alarm Limits


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