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TSR Online Tension Sensor

TSR Online Tension Sensor
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Stationary electronic tension sensor, single roller system, for mounting at an existing deflection pulley

Large, hardened guide rollers for minimized material deflection with 29.5 mm groove ⌀

Tension meter is available with digital output for data processing with PC


  • V-grooved guide rollers, ball-bearing mounted
  • Tension sensor with integrated measuring amplifier
  • Various output signals: analog, digital (optional), current (optional), analog DMS (optional)
  • Many configurations are possible
  • Easy calibration to customized material by operator
  • Tension sensor with mechanical overload protection
  • Wide variety of roller types can be specified
  • Guide rollers 30 or 70 mm ⌀, made of Aluminium or steel
  • In- and outcoming angle β min 20°
  • Rugged aluminium housing
  • Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included
  • Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Available Models

ModelResultant Force Capacity (g/Kg)Resultant Force Capacity (Newtons)
TSR-10N1000 grams10 N
TSR-20N2000 grams20 N
TSR-50N5 Kg50 N
TSR-100N10 Kg100 N
TSR-200N20 Kg200N

Determining the Tension Range

Determining the Tension Range
The tension range can be calculated for every wrapping angle with this formula:

FN = Nominal load (Multiplier * FZ)
FZ = Line Tension
α = Wrapping angle at the guide roll

FN = 2 * FZ * sin( α/2 )

When selecting the nominal measurement force it is necessary to take into account the weight of the guide roll and raise the nominal load respectively, particularly when working with small nominal forces.

Guide Rollers

Order CodeLine Speed
Vmax ...m/min
Roller Material
Standard4000Hardened steel
Code F4000Hard-coated aluminium
Code FB4000Tempered steel

Output Signal

TS1 Sensor Standard Output Signal Diagram Standard

Output signal: 0 - 1 VDC

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TS1 Sensor Code A2 Output Signal Diagram Code A2

Output signal: 0 - 10 VDC

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TS1 Sensor Code A3 Output Signal Diagram Code A3

Output signal: 4 - 20 mA DC

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TS1-A10 without integrated Amplifier Diagram Code A10

Output signal: mV/V
for sensors without amplifier

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TS1-232 Sensor to PC Code 232

Output signal:
-digital: RS 232
-analog: 0 - 1 V DC

Up to 100 readings can be transferred per second, (internal sampling rate max. 4800 times/s)

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TS1-232-H Sensor to PC Code 232-H

Output signal:
-digital: RS 232
-analog: 0 - 1 V DC

Only for tension range 200 Kg or higher
Up to 500 readings can be transferred per second, (internal sampling rate max. 25000 times/s)
Only for certain tension ranges and designs available
Please contact us for details

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Data Transfer & Analysis Program
- Data can be viewed and analyzed in TensionInspect or transferred to Excel
- Selectable sample rates up to 200 Hz and scalable trend graph "x" and "y" axis
SC-PM Tension Sensor Indicator
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Tension Indicator with Color Display
- User set limits (Min and Max alarms) with Visual Indicator in LCD with Open Collector output for external signal
- Adjustable damping to reduce tension fluctuates
- Storage for 4 different material calibrations (standard + 3 customer supplied materials)
SC-4PM Tension Display
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4-Channel Digital Tension Indicator
- SC-PM4 is suitable to connect max. 4 sensors (different ranges are possible) providing 0 – 1 V DC output
- Adjustable damping for easier reading, if tension fluctuates



Accuracyfactory calibration material: ±1 % full scale and ±1 digit
other calibration material: ±3 % full scale or better
Overload protection100 % of tension range
Measuring principleStrain gauge bridge
Measuring roller deflectionMax. 0.5 mm
Natural frequencyApprox. 500 Hz, depending on tension range
Signal processingAnalog (option: digital)
Temperature driftLess than ±0.05 % full scale/°C
Output signalStandard: 0 - 1 V DC (analog) impedance: ≥ 5 kΩ
Option: 0 - 10 V DC (analog), 4 - 20 mA (current) or mV/V (DMS) digital RS 232
Damping (fg)Standard: 30 Hz (other values on request)
Temperature range10 - 45 °C
Air humidity85 % RH, max.
Power supply+15...24 V DC, max. 50 mA regulated
Code A10: max. +5 V DC, max. 20 mA regulated
Housing materialAluminium
Weight, net (gross)Approx. 250 g (approx. 400 g)