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Straightpoint Lifting and Rigging Instruments

Straightpoint manufactures cabled and wireless telemetry loadlink, load shackles, load cells, digital dynamometers, compression loadcells, crane scales, loadblock plus, running line tensiometers and software solutions.

Safety, reliability and quality are paramount in the lifting and rigging industries and so Straightpoint designs and manufactures to the highest standards including ISO9001, ATEX and IECEx, whilst holding other accreditations and active memberships in key associations such as LEEA, AWRF, SC&RA and ASME.

Straightpoint manufactures load cells from 100kg to over 2000t and products offer dynamic load monitoring, weighing and force measurement solutions and high accuracy with world-class specifications and lead times.

Wireless Dynamometer with hand-held digital display
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
ATEX / Ex Approved Intrinsically Safe Wireless Dynamometer
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
The TIMH range is a Running Line Tensiometer or RLTM built with dockside, marine, offshore, towage and salvage applications in mind.
Capacities up to 80 Tonnes / 176,000lbs
Capacity of 22,000 Lbs (10te)
Lower Ranges available upon request
Bluetooth output for use with Smartphone APP (Free Download)
Displays & Records Tension, Line Speed & Payout. Export data via email or text
Digital Dynamometer with Built-In Display
Capacities up to 300 Tonnes / 660,000 lbs
Wireless Loadshackle are designed to measure tension / weight in limited headroom applications.
Capacities up to 880000 lbs / 400 tonnes
Wireless connection to Hand-Held Indicator or direction connection to PC software
Wireless range of 700 meter/2300 ft.
Housing protection of Nema6/IP67
Optional Center of Gravity Software
Capacities up to 500 te (1,110,000 Lbs)
Multiple Wireless Load Cell Controller Software
Wireless Overload Alarm Module
Wireless Base Station with Analogue Output
Wireless Hand-Held Display
Rugged Tablet for Load Cells
Wireless Scoreboard Slave Display
Wireless Signal Booster
Software for SP Products with Bluetooth Option
The HHP app allows you to remotely monitor the force being measured by your SP product in real-time, without the need for troublesome cabling.
Bluetooth Dynamometer
Capacity 6.5 tonnes / 14,300 lbs
Wireless Range 328 ft / 100 m