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TS2P Tension Sensor

Made in Germany
TS2P Tension Sensor
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Precision, Textile Tension Sensor for measuring hi-speed textiles, fibers and similar process materials.
5 tension ranges from 0 - 50 g up to 0 - 1000 g

Newly-designed tension sensor accurately measures the running tension of measuring hi-speed textiles, fibers and similar process materials. It is fitted with non-rotating ceramic pins. Built-in signal conditioning with ZERO and SPAN pots provide a high-level, analog output to minimize the chance for signal interference.

Can be using for process diagnostics, for continuously monitoring and recording of online tensions. The TS2B Tension Sensor can also be used as part of a closed-loop control system with 3rd-Party controller.

Mounting possibilities: Sensor can be mounted on a flat plate using the supplied thru holes in the housing body or fixed using the holes in the front plate, inserted thru a round hole in machine frame or plate.


  • Strain Gauge-based sensor provides accuracy of 1% Full Scale or better. Sensor can be mounted in any orientation depending upon the material path
  • Built-in Signal Conditioner provides 0-1 V DC Analog Output with Integrated Zero & Gain Pots on rear-side of sensor allowing for convenient calibration by the end-user for highest accuracy
  • Optional output types include 0-10V DC, 4-20mA, RS-232, USB or WiFi
  • Cast Aluminum Housing is rugged and proves for easy installation using thru holes in housing body or front plate
  • Non-rotating, exchangeable ceramic pins for line speed up to max. 6000 m/min
  • Can be used together with PD765 Digital Tension Indicator or with user-supplied electronics (requires 15-24 V DC regulated power)
  • 3-Roller design insures that the center sensor rollers has the same wrap angle at all times which allows the sensor to be mounted in any position on the line
  • Custom-designs are possible along with special features such as air fitting to create positive internal pressure in the housing for protection against airborne chemicals or contaminants

Tension Ranges

Head Width
TS2P-500 - 50 g64 mmPA: 0.12 mm ⌀
TS2P-1000 - 100 g64 mmPA: 0.12 mm ⌀
TS2P-2000 - 200 g64 mmPA: 0.12 mm ⌀
TS2P-5000 - 500 g64 mmPA: 0.20 mm ⌀
TS2P-10000 - 1000 g64 mmPA: 0.30 mm ⌀
Other tensions ranges and measuring head widths available on request.

* Outside dimensions of front plate
** with running filament approx. 300 m/min. Suitable for 95 % of applications
PA = Polyamide Monofi lament

Guide Pins

V-Groove Line Speed
Roller Material
Standard 6000 Oxid ceramic ⌀ 5.2 mm

Output Signal Models

Standard 0 - 1 V DC (analog)
Option Code DC: 0 - 10 V DC
Option Code MA: 4 - 20 mA
Option Code 232: RS-232


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Accuracy± 1.5% Full Scale and ± 1 digit or better
Overload Protection100% of tension range
Measuring PrincipleStrain guage bridge
Meas. Roller Defelction0.5 mm, max
Natural frequencyApprox. 500 Hz, depending on tension range
Output SignalStandard: 0 - 1 V DC (analog)
Option DC: 0 - 10 V DC
Option MA: 4-20 mA
Option 232: RS-232
USB Output (Option "-USB)USB Connection direct to Windows PC (requires TensionInspect Software, SW-TI3)
Supplied with 3 meter USB-A to USB-B Cable. If USB Cable longer than 5 meters is required, a USB Signal Booster is required.
Option "A10" Strain Gauge Output0.6 +/- 0.12 mV / V, 5V DC (max) power required (3-5V DC)
Frequency Response30Hz (custom frequency response up to 300 Hz available as an option)
Temperature Range10 - 45 °C
Air Humidity85% RH, max
Power Required+15 ... 24 V DC, 50 mA (regulated)
Housing MaterialAluminum
WeightApprox. 220 g
Cable (Optional)Straight Connector with 2 meter cable length (6 ft) with open ends on far side (order p/n TS2-CABLE-2M). Other cable lengths and 90-Degree Connector available, INQUIRE.
Connection to PD765SIGNAL:Grey (Sig+) to V+, Blue (Sig-) to COM
DC-POWER: White (Exc+) to P2+, Black/Brown (Exc-) to P2-