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QC-T Cable Tension Meter, 10,000lb Capacity, Bluetooth Output, Carrying Case, and Calibration Rod - (Calibration Additional)

Made in USA
Quick-Check-T tension meter
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The Quick Check-T tension meter with Bluetooth output is designed for precise tension measurement of tower guy cables. The included mobile app produces comprehensive reports of tension readings with GPS location, date, and time which can be easily exported once the job has been completed.

The QC-T can be placed on a cable, measure its tension, and removed in under three seconds! There are no complex lookup tables or conversion charts required. The operator can quickly select from 20 different wire sizes and types stored in QC-T's memory. The Check-Tensioning mode graphically displays the current and target tensions for an extremely quick setting of line tension. Even the infrequent battery changes are quick.

The QC-T is used in many industries to ensure proper tensioning. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, zip lines, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, overhead electric transit wires, fall arrest systems, hll horizontal life lines, aircraft cables and utilities.

Quick-Check-T tension meter


  • Supplied with NIST Traceable Calibration Report
  • Bluetooth Output for Comprehesive Site Report Generation View Sample
  • Multi-wire single sheave
  • Automatic target tension calculations
  • Ability to capture pre and post tension readings
  • 2 year warranty

Quick-Check-T Videos

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Complete Kit

The QC-T is supplied as a complete kit including tension meter, calibration check rod, wire diameter gauge, batteries, instruction manual, and calibration certificate in a heavy-duty carrying case.


Capacity10,000 lb/45 kN/4500 kg
Accuracy±3% instrument capacity
CalibrationsUp to 20 can be stored independently
Operating Temperature-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Units of Measurelbf, kgf & Newtons
Size0 x 23 x 3” (25 x 59 x 8 cm)
Weightabout 11 lb (5kg)
DisplayDot-graphic LCD display supports full text
Environmental ProtectionSuitable for continued outdoor use
ProtectionHard polymer storage case included
Power2 x AA batteries with 120+ hours life (backlight off)


Quick-Check-T Calibration

The QC-T needs to be calibrated at the factory for each cable that will be measured.

When listing cables you must provide the diameter & construction, for example;
Cable 1: 1/2", 1x7
Cable 2: 3/4", 1x19

The QC-T-TOWER includes 16 calibrations for the following size cables:

3/16" 1x7 1/4" 1x7 5/16" 1x7 3/8" 1x7
7/16" 1x7 1/2" 1x7 1/2" 1x19 9/16" 1x7
9/16" 1x19 5/8" 1x7 5/8" 1x19 11/16" 1x19
3/4" 1x19 13/16" 1x19 7/8" 1x19 1" 1x19

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Cable Tension Meter, 10,000lb Capacity, Bluetooth Output, Carrying Case, and Calibration Rod - (Calibration Additional)
Calibration for QC-T, Specify Wire Diameter, Strand Configuration, and Wire Material
Verification tool to ensure continued accuracy of the Quick Check Red. Must be used with the “T” sheaves.
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