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30007-0125 AP10-2000KG Dynamometer 2,000 KG Capacity 10" Dial

Made in USA
AP Dynamometer Dillon AP Dynamometer
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The Dillon AP Mechanical Dynamometer exhibits limitless versatility as a tension, traction and weight measuring instrument.

Full selection of capacities--
Available in capacities from 500 to 50,000 pounds, 200 to 20,000 kilograms.

Long life--
The core of the device is a steel flexing beam. The enclosure is a heavy aluminum alloy case with baked on protective finish. The dial face is sealed and cushioned with a rubber gasket.

Safe for overhead applications--
Most models have a 5:1 ultimate safety factor.

Zero control--
Use it like a tare. It can cancel preset load values up to 20% of device capacity.

NIST Traceable - The AP Dynamometer includes a NIST traceable calibration certificate.


  • NIST Traceable Certificate Included
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of full scale capacity for precise data.
  • Broadest range of capacities and resolutions are certain to fit your needs
  • Wide temperature range for use in nearly any environment (-50 to 140°F / -45 to 60°C)
  • Largest safety factor for overload protection and long life
  • No batteries required
  • Dial size choice for best in portability or visibility
  • Anti-parallax dial and pointer produce accurate readings from any perspective
  • Maximum hand retains peak load point and is easily reset
  • High strength case resists heavy blows
  • Generous shackle openings mate with most hooks and hardware
  • High specification materials on all load components. Heat treated to tight tolerances
  • Newton capacities available upon request. Consult factory for information.
  • CE Certified
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Force Ranges

ModelCapacityResolutionDial Size
AP5-500LB (30006-0019)500 lbs55" (125 mm)
AP5-1000LB (30006-0027)1,000 lbs105" (125 mm)
AP5-2000LB (30006-0035)2,000 lbs205" (125 mm)
AP5-4000LB (30006-0043)4,000 lbs255" (125 mm)
AP5-5000LB (30006-0050)5,000 lbs505" (125 mm)
AP5-8000LB (30006-0076)8,000 lbs505" (125 mm)
AP5-10000LB (30006-0084)10,000 lbs1005" (125 mm)
AP5-15000LB (30006-0092)15,000 lbs1005" (125 mm)
AP5-20000LB (30006-0100)20,000 lbs2005" (125 mm)
AP10-1000LB (30007-0026)1,000 lbs510" (250 mm)
AP10-2000LB (30007-0034)2,000 lbs1010" (250 mm)
AP10-5000LB (30007-0059)5,000 lbs2010" (250 mm)
AP10-10000LB (30007-0083)10,000 lbs5010" (250 mm)
AP10-20000LB (30007-0109)20,000 lbs10010" (250 mm)
AP10-30000LB (30784-0017)30,000 lbs20010" (250 mm)
AP10-50000LB (30784-0033)50,000 lbs20010" (250 mm)
AP5-500KG (30006-0134)500 kg5125 mm (5")
AP5-1000KG (30006-0159)1,000 kg10125 mm (5")
AP5-2000KG (30006-0126)2,000 kg20125 mm (5")
AP5-4000KG (30006-0167)4,000 kg25125 mm (5")
AP5-10000KG (30006-0118)10,000 kg100125 mm (5")
AP10-500KG (30007-0133)Not AvailableNot Available250 mm (10")
AP10-1000KG (30007-0158)1,000 kg5250 mm (10")
AP10-2000KG (30007-0125)2,000 kg10250 mm (10")
AP10-5000KG (30007-0174)5,000 kg50250 mm (10")
AP10-10000KG (30007-0117)10,000 kg50250 mm (10")
AP10-20000KG (30784-0058)20,000 kg100250 mm (10")


Zero positioning

The standard zero position is 9 o'clock for both the 5" and 10" dial sizes. Capacities up to 20,000 lb can be supplied with the zero at 12, 3 or 6. Photo shows a nonstandard position of 12 o'clock.

Oversized shackle and pin assembly. Available with all AP5 models and up to AP10-20000LB/AP10-10000KG models only.
Addition to standard shackle & pin (sold as an accessory at time of order or after sale)

Steel storage case For 10" (250 mm) diameter model AP10-20000LB/AP10-10000KG and lower

Hook Accessories

Part # Hook Rating For Dynamometer Ratings
AP-H33-ton500-6,000 lb / 200-2,000 kg
AP-H55-ton8,000-10,000 lb / 4,000-5,000 kg
AP-H1010-ton15,000-20,000 lb / 10,000 kg

Complete Kit

Dynamometer Cases
5" (125 mm) diameter AP dynamometer includes a rugged ABS plastic carry case with die-cut foam inserts. Capacities of 30,000 lb (15,000 kg) and above are shipped in a heavy-duty reinforced plywood crate. An optional steel carry case is available for 10" (250 mm) diameter dynamometers up to 20,000 lb (10,000 kg) capacity.

A set of shackles are included with all models.

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- Broadest range of capacities and resolutions are certain to fit your needs


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AP10-2000KG Dynamometer 2,000 KG Capacity 10" Dial
Steel storage case for 10" (250 mm) diameter low and medium capacity AP Dynamometer.
10T Replacement Shackle and Pin for AP Dynamometers
Oversized shackle and pin assembly (1pc). Supplied in place of 1 standard Shackle Assembly. Available on models up to 20,000 lbs / 10,000 kg capacity
Crane Scale Kits
Crane Scale Kit for AP Dynamometer 1000lb - 5000lb (500-2000kg) - DYNAMOMETER SOLD SEPARATELY
Crane Scale Kit for AP Dynamometer, 10,000 Lbs (4000-5000Kg) - DYNAMOMETER SOLD SEPARATELY
Crane Scale Kit for AP Dynamometer, 20,000 Lbs (10,000Kg) - DYNAMOMETER SOLD SEPARATELY
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