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EDX-COMM-II Remote Communicator for EDXtreme AWT05-506447

Made in USA
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Communications unlock the full potential of the EDXtreme

One of the foremost reasons for choosing an electronic dynamometer is added functionality. The radio or hardwired options available with the EDXtreme offer the convenience and safety of remote operation. Additionally, data from the dynamometer(s) can be downloaded to a PC via an RS-232 connection for compilation and analysis or to generate hard-copy printouts.

Remote control and radio communications are not new to the Dillon product line. In fact, it is the depth of Dillon’s experience in this area that led to meaningful innovations in the design of the EDXtreme and its optional remote Communicator.

Improved radio performance
Unlike the many products on the market today, the EDXtreme radio dynamometer utilizes leading-edge 2.4Ghz radio frequency technology to eliminate common interference issues. This spread spectrum technology will establish and maintain the strongest, most reliable communications.

Dynamic monitoring and control
The optional Communicator is an extremely powerful hand-held remote that can define the function and manage the operation of one or more EDXtreme dynamometers using wired or radio technologies. Through the programmable SOFTKEY interface, one or more Communicators can monitor multiple dynamometers within the same airspace. In multiple-link lifting arrays, the Communicator can display

EDXtreme Dynamometer Communicator Remote Display


EnclosureDesigned to NEMA 3 / IP44 with optional sleeve. Suitable for protected outdoor use
Connectiivityup to 15 EDX units can be connected simultaneously
Wireless Range300 to 600 feet
Dimensions9.5 x 5.0 x 2.5 inch (241 x 127 x 64mm).
AccuracyNot applicable. Only sends and receives digital information
Display128 x 64 dot-graphic LCD display can show full readings up to 5 instruments
Battery LifeUp to 80 hours continuous radio using (4) AA alkaline batteries
Operating Temperature-4° F to 158° F (-20° to 70° C)
ConnectorsSealed connectors may be used for serial communications and wired connection to an EDxtreme dynamometer
RS-232 CommunicationPrint or extract data easily. Continuous output can drive a scoreboard. Configurable poll character.
Included with Remote:Carry case and batteries
Shipping Dimensions18 x 12 x 8 Inches
AccessoriesRubberized case protector sleeve, Remote wall mount bracket. Serial and remote cable assemblies
Shipping Weight10

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Item Description Price
EDX-COMM-II Communicator II with radio and backlight
Standard Communicator II with radio, display backlight and 105dB audible alarm
High-Powered version of the EDX-COMM-II Communicator II with radio and backlight for use with the high power EDX models AWT77-506960 (EDX-10K) and AWT77-506959 (EDX-25K) - not CE Certified
Protective rubber sleeve, gray (recommended for outdoor applications)
Power supply, 100-240 VAC to 5V for "Red" EDXtreme
Power supply, 100-240 VAC/5V to RS-232 for "Red" EDXtreme
Cable, Communicator II to EDXtreme RS-485 cable, 50-ft (15 m)
Cable, computer serial cable with 9-pin D connector, 12-ft (3.6 m)
Adapter, 9 to 25-pin to convert for use with 25-pin serial port
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