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FI-521 FI-521 LED Load Cell Indicator

FI-521 LED Load Cell Indicator
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The FI-521 is a bi-directional load cell instrument accepting both positive and negative load cell signals, internally performing the analog to digital conversion at 80 times per second. The FI-521 Indicator features an IP65 stainless steel enclosure for reliable performance in wet or dusty environments. Included swivel mounting bracket allows for wall or bench mounting. Watertight connections include the AC power cable, 7-pin load cell quick disconnect cable connector and three additional cable ports. The instrument's 6 key front panel enables all setup, configuration and calibration procedures. FI-521's calibration procedures include a multi-point calibration feature for correcting the performance of non-linear load cells. The indicator has memory to store calibration information for up to three load cells.

The FI-521 can store peak and first peak values at 80 Hz. Operators can track stored data using date/time information and a 6-digit ID number. The stored data can then be printed or sent to a PC or other device using programmable print and data output formats. The FI-521's four logic level inputs and the bi-directional serial port can receive control commands from external devices. The instrument can control external devices via any of the two standard cutoff outputs. Also, has on board an analog output that is fully calibrated for 0 to 2.5 VDC.


  • 3 Cell Memory
  • 80 Hz Peak Capture Rate
  • IP65
  • 2 RS-232 serial ports
  • RS-485
  • 5 point curve linearization
  • Built-in real time and date clock
  • 3 Units of measure (pound-force, kilogram-force, Newtons)
  • 2 set point outputs
  • 7-pin load cell quick disconnect (equipped)
  • 4 remote keypad inputs
  • Analog output


Display7 digits, 7-segment, 0.7" (17 mm) ultra-bright LEDs with 14 annunciators
Max display range-999,999 to 999,999
Display update rate10Hz
Keypad6 push buttons: select, cell, print, unit, zero, on/off
Real ClockBuilt-in nonvolatile real time and date
Serial Ports2 ports, Full-duplex RS-232 and Full-duplex RS-232 or half-duplex RS485
Baud RateSelectable 1200-2400-4800-9600-19200/38400-57600 bps
Data Output Format8N1, 7O1, 7E1
Serial OutputSelect up to 14 additional data parameters
Analog Output0 to 2.5VDC (≤ 2.5mA)
Remote InputSelect, cell, print, unit, zero, off
Setpoint 1 & 25 to 24VDC (.5A max) external, 5 to 8VDC (≤ .1A) internal


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FI-521 Loadcell Indicator with LED display, 115V AC Powered
6-ft loadcell cable assembly
12-ft loadcell cable assembly
18-ft loadcell cable assembly
25-ft loadcell cable assembly
5-pin mating connector only (connects to loadcell connector)
7-pin mating connector only (connects to loadcell connector)
10-ft serial cable, bare wire to 9-pin D style female for FI-521 Indicator
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