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018100 RTU 170 (SILVER), 20-170 cN.m - 1.8-15 lbf.in, 3/8" Sq

Made in Germany
RTU Dynamic Torque Limiter
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The RTU torque limiter allows conventional hand and power tools to be easily converted into torque limiting tools. Simply install the RTU to the end of a traditional power tool or hand tool to convert. Non-impact powered assembly applications can be performed quickly and accurately, including the tightening of bottles, caps and lids.

The RTU can be preset at the factory at an additional cost, or it can be set by the user, provided they have the requisite torque testing instruments, such as our TT-QC. RTU calibration instructions.


  • Repeatability +/- 6% of reading
  • ISO 6789 Classification 2F

Model Ranges

Part NumberModelRangeMax RPMDrive
018100RTU 170 (SILVER)20-170 cN.m / 1.8-15 lbf.in5003/8" M/F Square
018120RTU 170 HEX (SILVER)20-170 cN.m / 1.8-15 lbf.in5001/4" M/F Hex
018200RTU 450 (SILVER)1-4.5 N.m / 9-40 lbf.in5003/8" M/F Square
018220RTU 450 HEX (SILVER)1-4.5 N.m / 9-40 lbf.in5001/4" M/F Hex
018300RTU 1000 (SILVER)4-10 N.m / 36-88 lbf.in2503/8" M/F Square
018320RTU 1000 HEX (SILVER)4-10 N.m / 36-88 lbf.in2501/4" M/F Hex
019100RTU 1 (BLUE)0.1-1 N.m / 0.9-8.8 lbf.in500*
019200RTU 4 (BLUE)0.6-4.5 N.m / 5.5-39.8 lbf.in500*
019400RTU 14 (BLUE)2-14 N.m / 18-123.8 lbf.in125*

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RTU 170 (SILVER), 20-170 cN.m - 1.8-15 lbf.in, 3/8" Sq
Presetting of torque driver to specific value
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