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DTL 1/4" Mini Digital Torque Wrench

DTL-100i Digital Torque Wrench
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2 Models
DTL-50i: 53 in-lb / 4.4 lb-ft / 6 N-m / 61 kg-cm
DTL-100i: 106 in-lb / 8.85 lb-ft / 12 N-m / 122.4 kg-cm

The new Check-Line DTL Digital Torque Wrench is designed for precise measurement and application of torque in industrial, automotive, aerospace and many other applications. Its small size and ratcheting head are ideal for use in areas with limited access. It measures and applies torque in both CW and CCW directions and displays in Real-Time or Peak Mode. Measurement units are user selectable (Lb-in, N-m, ft-lb or Kg-cm).

The DTL features a programmable target set point that indicates the desired torque value with a red and green LEDs and audible beep.

dtl-100i display


  • Displays in-lb, N-m, Kg-cm and ft-lb units (User selectable)
  • CW and CCW operation
  • Peak or Real-Time (track) mode (User Selectable)
  • Programmable Target Set-point with audible and LED indicators
    At 90% of Target, Green LED illuminates with slow audible beep
    At 100% of Target, Green & Red LEDs illuminate with continuous beep
  • Ratcheting Head
  • Includes Calibration Certificate (Click for sample)
  • CE Certified

Torque Range

ModelMeasuring RangeResolution
DTL-50i2.6 - 53.1 Lb-in
0.3 - 6.00 Nm
0.22 - 4.4 Lb-ft
3. - 61 Kg-cm
0.01 Lb-in
0.001 Lb-ft
0.001 Nm
0.01 Kg-cm
DTL-100i5.3 - 106.2 Lb-in
0.6 - 12.00 Nm
0.44 - 8.85 Lb-ft
6.1 - 122.4 Kg-cm
0.1 Lb-in
0.01 Lb-ft
0.01 Nm
0.1 Kg-cm
Accuracy: CW ±2% / CCW ±3% of indicated from 20 - 100% of capacity

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Complete Kit

The DTL is supplied as a complete kit including the wrench, 1 AAA battery, instruction manual and calibration cert in a fitted plastic carrying case.


DTL Torque Wrench Dimensions
Dimensions in MM


AccuracyCW ±2% / CCW ±3% of indicated from 20 - 100% of capacity
Operation ModePeak hold/ Track
Unit Selectionft-lb, in-lb, N-m, Kg-cm
DimensionsLength: 8.25" x 1" (210 x 25.4mm)
Head DimensionsWidth: 0.75 / 19.2mm at (widest location)
Height: 0.4" / 10.2mm (not including length of 1/4" drive which extends 0.31" / 8mm)
Head TypeLever type Ratchet
Battery1 AAA
Battery Life12 Continuous Hours
1 Year Standby
Model Code in ManualDME2-006CN, DME2-012CN
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C
Zero FunctionTo zero the DTL-100i press the "C" key. The display will clear then it will return to the "target value" (preset)
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ 70°C
HumidityUp to 90% non-condensing
Warranty1 Year


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Digital Torque Wrench, Capacity 53 lb-in / 6 Nm, 1/4 In Drive
Digital Torque Wrench, Capacity 106 lb-in / 12 Nm, 1/4 In Drive
NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
ISO-17025 Calibration Certification
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