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MTG Digital Thickness Gauge with Air Dampener, 16mm footer and 212g weight - MTG-D

Made in USA
ASTM material thickness gauge
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Range: 1" / 25mm - (Extend Range Using Gauge Blocks)
Resolution: 0.0001" / 0.002mm

The MTG Digital Contact Thickness Gage accurately measures thickness of textiles, non-wovens, technical fabrics and many other materials. Using specific diameter presser foot (feeler) and mass (weight) it can measure according to ASTM D1777, ISO 5084, D1621, D5199, D461, D751-06, D3652, ISO 9863-1, ISO 964-1 (2 kPa only) and many other international testing standards.

The MTG-DX2 System is supplied with a 9.5 mm diameter presser foot and 143 g mass. This configuration is designed to measure according to the ASTM D1777-2 and D751-06 specifications. Optional presser foot diameters and related weights are available and custom sizes can be supplied to accommodate your specifications. Refer to the details below.

The certified digital indicator includes 3 SPC data output formats, English or Metric display, auto power-off, and a left-hand lifting lever. The indicator is fitted on an 8 inch (200 mm) tall column to allow the indicator to be raised or lowered to accommodate different size test specimens. The 6"x6"x 2" (150 x 160 x 50 mm) laboratory grade certified granite base offers a smooth and extremely hard reference plane for precise and repeatable measurements.

For those requiring data output for recording and quality documentation purposes, a serial output cable and windows-based software program is optionally available.

Custom Weights and Footers can be made to meet a wide range of specifications. Contact us for more info.


  • Includes NIST traceable calibration certification for Digital Indicator and Granite Base
  • Includes wireless feature. (Can be disabled at the factory upon request.)
  • User-selected units of inch or mm providing resolution of 0.0001" (0.002 mm)
  • Hi-Lo Setpoints indicate if sample is within tolerance
  • Custom diameter feet and weights can be supplied to apply the correct pressure (kPa) for your application
  • Optional "swivel" connectors insures optimal alignment with test sample for the highest possible accuracy & repeatability
  • Digital Indicator is battery-powered and Auto Power Off functions.
  • USB Data Output Cable Optionally Available
  • Made and assembled in the USA with 1-Year Warranty
  • Optional Air Dampening feature allows for a repeatable, controlled rate of descent on to sample
  • CE Marked, RoHS Compliant

Portable Battery-Powered Printer for Hardcopy Documentation

Need a hard copy printout of your measurement results?

Our P-190 Printer with the G03-0086 Cable will allow you to print each reading as it's shown on the display. The user simply depresses the thumb switch each time they want a value transferred to the printer. Simple yet effective!

The battery-powered P-190 Printer uses standard rolls of adding machine paper, unlike thermal printers the printout will not fade over time. It is supplied with a battery charger for operation on all power worldwide.

Order the following items as shown in the accessories section of the BUY NOW section at the bottom of this page.
P-190 Printer
G03-0086 Data Transfer Cable and Thumb Switch


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Measuring Range0-1 inch (0-25 mm), Custom ranges up to 4 inches / 100mm available, inquire
Jaw Depth1-3/4", 44.5mm
Resolution0.0001" (0.002 mm)
Accuracy*+/- 0.0002" (0.004 mm) *with radius tip, not a flat footer
Presser Foot Material303 Stainless Steel
Base MaterialLabratory Grade Granite
PowerCR2450 Lithium Coin Battery or Power Over USB with Optional Cable
Battery ChemistryLithium / Manganese Dioxide (Li/MnO2)
RS232 Output9600 baud, no parity, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit (requires external power)
Operating Temperature40°F to 105°F (5 to 40°C)
Warranty1 Year
Country of OriginUSA
Spindle Thread#4-48 UNF
ASTM D1813For Testing the Thickness of Leather Samples
Dial Graduation: 0.01 mm, Footer Diameter: 10 mm (± 0.5mm) and Mass: 393 grams (± 10 g)
ToleranceWeight: +/- 0.5 grams
Foot Diameter: +/- .005"
Maximum Mass1000 grams (1 Kg), max can be added to create desired test pressure
System PressureMTG-DX, without Dampener: 20g ±3g (without Weight or Footer).
This weight must be included when calculating test pressure
MTG, with Dampener: This model is NOT recommended when testing requires specific test pressure
Test PressureMTG-DX = 11.8 kPa
MTG-DX2 = 23.4 kPa
MTG = variable (due to dampener)


Buy Now

Item Description Price
Digital Thickness Gauge with Air Dampener, 16mm footer and 212g weight - MTG-D
Stackable Ring Weight Set for MTG thickness gauge. Total Weight 520g
Mass and Footer Sets to test according to ASTM Specifications
Weight (273g less foot and spindle) & Footer (28.7mm) = test pressure of 4.14 kPa for ASTM D1777 Spec 1 (Woven, Knitted and Textured Fabrics)
Weight (169g less foot and spindle) & Footer (9.5mm) = test pressure of 23.4 kPa for ASTM D1777 Spec 2 (Fabrics, Webbings, Tapes, Ribbons, Braids) & D751-06
Weight (546g less foot and spindle) & Footer (6.3mm) = test pressure of 172 kPa for ASTM D1777 Spec 3 (Films, Glass Cloths, Glass Tapes)
Weight (46g less foot & spindle) & 28.7mm Footer = test pressure of 0.70 kPa and Weight (500g less foot & spindle) & 28.7mm Footer = test pressure of 7.58 kPa, for Blankets, Pile Fabrics & Napped Fabric
Weights (265g less foot weight of 18g less spindle) and Footer (28.6 mm dia.) for testing to ASTM D461
ASTM D3767 Bradnick Warner Test Fixture Set for MTG, for procedures A, A1, and A2
Weight (169g less foot and spindle) & Footer (9.5mm) = test pressure of 23.4 kPa for according to ASTM D751-06 and D751-19
369g Weight (+ foot 4g + spindle 20g = 393g) & 10mm Footer for Testing to ASTM D1813 and ISO 2589
Mass and Footer Sets to test according to ISO Specifications
123g Weight (+ foot 52g + spindle 20g = 195 g) & 50.5mm Footer for Testing to ISO-5084 (1 kPa Test Pressure)
509g Total Weight and 56.42mm Footer for testing to D5199-A and ISO 964-1 with 2 kPa load
424g Weight (+ foot 66g + spindle 20g = 510 g) & 56.42mm Footer for Testing to ISO-54540
41g Weight (+ foot 66g + spindle 20g = 127g) & 56.42mm Footer for Testing to ISO-9073
Weight (85g less foot & spindle) = 63 gram weight with 6.3mm diameter footer (2g)
MTG-03-4 +MTG-01-3
122g Weight + 6mm Diameter Footer to apply 50kPa test Pressure
284g Weight (+ foot 2g + spindle 20g = 306g = 3N) & 6mm Footer for Testing to EN1516
Footers (interchangeable)
3.2 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2g)
4.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2g)
5.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2g)
6.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2g)
6.3 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2g)
8.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 2.5g)
9.5 mm Diameter Foot (weight 4g)
10.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 4g)
16.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 7g)
25.0 mm Diameter Foot (weight 17g)
28.7mm (1 sq-in) Diameter Foot (weight 18g)
5mm Radiused foot for MTG
50mm (20 cm2) Diameter Foot, mass = 53g
56.42mm (25 cm2) Diameter Foot, mass = 66g
Weights (Mass)
8g Mass
13g Mass
18g Mass
20g Mass
28g Mass
29g Mass
32g Mass
44g Mass
52g Mass
63g Mass
70g Mass
80g Mass for MTG
113g Mass
143g Mass
176g Mass
212g Mass
452g Mass
518g Mass for MTG
1104g Mass for MTG
Miscellaneous Accessories
Upgrade from NIST traceable cert to ISO-17025 Certificate for MTG Digital Indicator (adds 4 weeks)
Smart USB Data Transfer Cable, Sends data to any Windows program with press of a button - 600-11-KB-USB
RS-232 Data Output Cable for MTG / DD-4 / DD-5 / DD-100
1.0" Length, Steel Rectangular Gage Block, ASME Grade AS-1
10mm Length, Steel Rectangular Gage Block, ASME Grade AS-1
20mm Length, Steel Rectangular Gage Block, ASME Grade AS-1
Portable Serial RS-232 Impact Printer, when used MTG it requires G03-0086 (sold separately)
Foot Switch for DD-DB1 (Requires DD-DB1 Sold Separately)
Replacement Digital Indicator, Complete Assembly for MTG
USB Data Transfer Cable from DD-100 or RX-DD Digital Durometers to a PC for transfer to a Wedge or Data Collection program purchased from a 3rd party
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