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CTA Compact Torque Actuator

CTA Compact Torque Actuator
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Hysteresis brake, electrically adjustable

CTA is an electrically adjustable brake without the need of any external power supply for generating the braking force.

• tension controlled unwinding
• actuating element for tension control
• simulation of load torques


  • continuous adjustment of the braking force, electromotive
  • adjusted brake torque remains even without external power supply
  • cost-effective actuator for tension control
  • durable, wearless and maintenance-free
  • very smooth running and steady brake moment even at low rotational speeds
  • compact design requires little space
  • torque is independent of rotational speed in a wide range

Controlling the tension

The following schematic diagram shows, how to control the tension during the bobbin pass in an unwinding process.

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