LS-5-12000 Inspection Stroboscope - Inspection Strobe Light

Made in Germany
Inspection Stroboscope
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The LS-5-12000 Stroboscope is designed for fixed mounting on all machinery that utilize a strobe for visual inspection including, rewinders, slitters and similar process equipment in the label printing and process market as well as many others markets including vibration analyzers, balancers, metal producing equipment and much more.

The LS-5's flash rate can be externally triggered by an external sensor/controller on the process machine or the LS-5-RCU Remote Controller can be optionally specified for this purpose. Refer to separate webpage on the LS-5-RCU.

The LS-5 produce a bright, sharp image under observation when the flash rate is synchronized with the "repeat rate" of the web material. The strobe operates using 24V DC using power already available on the machine or by using the our worldwide AC-DC power adapter available as an option.

The brightness, sharpness and uniform light output provided by the LS-5 is unmatched in the market based on it compact size and low cost. It is especially well-suited for use on narrow web equipment up to 16 inches in width (400 mm width) and even wider. Two or more units can be used together in a Master/Slave arrangement when wider web widths must be covered.


  • Unmatched brightness, sharpness and uniformity from any strobe in its class
  • Uses long-life Xenon U-tube which is easily replaced after 200 Million flashes
  • Extremely short flash duration of less than 10 microseconds (µs) provides for a super-sharp image for easy observation
  • Requires 24V DC Power (Not Included), An optional power adapter is available.
  • Externally triggered using industry standard TTL-type square-wave signal at rates up to 208Hz and even higher
  • Aluminum enclosure is efficiently dissipates heat eliminating the need for bulky heat sinks
  • Two (2) or more LS-5 Strobes can be connected to each other for wider web coverage
  • CE-certified for use worldwide
  • Threading holes provided for fixed-mounting on machine frame or articulating arm
  • Optional UV-Kit is offered to illuminate any UV printing requiring inspection. Includes special UV flashtube and lens.

Light Output (LUX) vs Distance

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Flash Range0 - 12,500 FPM (flashes per minute)
Power Required24V DC (21.6….26.4VDC)/ 0.5A (12 Watts)
Universal AC power supply sold separately, pn LS-AC-WORLD
External Trigger Input3 - 30 V / max 5 mA
(voltage-free optocoupler)
DIN 41524 5-pin standard plug
Uout = Uin, max 200 mA
Life Cycle> 200,000,000 flashes (@6000 FPM)
Flash Duration< 5 µs
Illumination IntensitySingle flash 10 megalux @ 30cm (12 inches)
Illumination intensity500 lux @ 30cm (12 inches), 6000 FPM
Illumination Area20x30 cm
Light Colour6000 - 6500 K
Flash Energy600 mJ @ 1200 FPM
Housing MaterialAluminum
Dimensions150 x 130 x 112 mm / 6.0" x 5.1" x 4.4"
Weight870 g (1.9 lbs.)
Ambient Temperature0 - 40 °C (32-104 °F)
Storage Temperature-25 - 70 °C (-13 - 158 °F)
Air HumidityMax 95%, non-condensing
Mounting HolesThreaded 1/4 x 20 unc and 2x M5 holes on bottom side of strobe housing
Warranty1 Year
Mounting HolesLocated on underside of housing:
(1) 1/4 - 20UNC in center
(2) M5 Threaded Inserts (60 mm c:c) outer
Manual Test TriggerPin1 (+24V)
Pin3 (0V)
Jump Pin1 to Pin4
Momentarily Jump Pin3 to Pin5


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5 Inch Inspection Stroboscope with LS-DIN connector - Requires 24V power source (Not included)
24V Power Supply for use with LS Linear Strobes or LS-SCU, 100-265V AC. NOT REQUIRED IF 24V DC AVAILABLE
Spare Flash Tube for LS-5-12000 Stroboscope
LS-FCM Flash Control Module for manual adjustment of flash rate
Remote Control Unit and connection cable
Connection cable to transfer both POWER and TRIGGRER from Primary to Slave Strobe, 5 ft length
Extension Cable for LS Strobes, 2 meter with 5-pin MALE/5-pin FEMALE DIN Connectors
Extension Cable for LS Strobes, 5 meter with 5-pin MALE/5-pin FEMALE DIN Connectors
5-pin DIN Connector for use with all LS-Strobes and LS-SCU Strobe Controller
LS-5-UVKIT UV Strobe Conversion Kit for LS-5-12000
Articulating Swing Arm for Stroboscopes
Label Sensor for Triggering On Label Gaps
LS-REGSENSOR Registration Mark Sensor
Tripod for Tachometers and Stroboscopes
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