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DT-3015N Battery Powered Digital Xenon Stroboscope, with Universal Power Adapter

Made in Japan
Shimpo DT-3015N Stroboscope
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Replaces DT-315A
Flash Range: 40-35,000 RPM/FPM

The DT-3015N is a rugged, battery-powered xenon stroboscope designed for non-contact RPM measurement, inspection, and observation of moving parts by "freezing" or "slowing down" the motion. The DT-3015N provides power flexibility as in addition to its internal rechargeable battery it can operate from AC power.


  • Internal, fast-charge rechargeable battery
  • Aluminum construction provides exceptional durability
  • High polish and focused reflector creates a uniform light
  • External trigger allows unit to be automatically synchronized with equipment
  • Light emission auto-off feature from 1 - 120 min enables extended battery operatio
  • Phase shift, set in degrees or ms, allows visual analysis of rotating/reciprocating objects
  • Save up to 5 user configurations to enable switching quickly between machinery
  • Synchronous output enables strobe to drive other strobes
  • Specify IEC-C13-EURO for use with a EURO Type Mains Connection
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate is OPTIONAL

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Flashing Range40.0 - 35,000 fpm (flashes per minute)
Accuracy±0.05 % of reading
Resolution30.0 to 5000.0 : 0.1 fpm; 5001.0 to 8000.0 to 0.2 fpm; 8001.0 to 10000.0 : 0.5 fpm; 10001.0 to 35000.0 : 1.0 fpm
Lux Rating8" (20 cm) Distance = 1950 lx @ 1500 fpm, 2000 lx @ 6000 fpm with 8" (203 mm) irradiation diameter.
20" (50 cm) Distance = 725 lx @ 1500 fpm, 850 lx @ 6000 fpm with 12" (305 mm) irradiation diameter.
Lamp LifetimeTyp.1200 hours at 1500 fpm
Display6-digit, 7 segment red LED
Flash Duration30 μsec
Phase Shift0 to 359˚ set by 0.1˚ resolution; 0.00 to 999.99 msec set by 0.01 msec resolution, 1000.0 to 1994.4 msec set by 0.1 msec resolution
Power Supply100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz (included)
BatteryNiMH battery- Approximate 2 hour time to full charge
Battery LifeApprox. 3 hours (when the emission count is 1500 FPM)
Input SignalH level: 2.5 – 12 V; L level: 0 – 0.5 V Pulse width : 50 µs or more Input impedance : 10 kΩ or more
Input Signal Range27 to 35,020 fpm (1 fpm resolution) with available delay setting in degree or msec
Sensor Power SupplyDC 12 VDC 40 mA
Temperature Limits32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Humidity Limits35 to 85% RH (Non- condensing)
Product Weight4.2 lbs (1.9 kg)

Complete Kit

DT-3015N stroboscope, input signal connector, universal (100-240V) charger adapter with cable.



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Battery Powered Digital Xenon Stroboscope, with Universal Power Adapter
NIST Traceable Certificate of Calibration for Stroboscopes
Heavy-Duty Carrying Case for DT-3015N
Euro Plug Cable for use with DT-3015N - IEC-C13-EURO
Replacement Flashtube for DT-3011N & DT-3015N Stroboscope
Protective Rubber Caps for DT-300 Series Strobes
Input / Output Connector for DT-311A, DT-315A Stroboscopes
Daisy chain syncing cable for DT-361 and DT-365 stroboscopes with Connectors, 10 ft length
Articulating Swing Arm for Stroboscopes
Replacement Battery Charger for DT-3015N, 100-240V AC
Replacement Internal NiMH battery for DT-3015N
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