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SHACKLES Crosby Shackles for RLP, CP, LLP and WLP Dynamometers

Made in USA
crosby shackles
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Crosby Shackles are optionally available for use with our complete line of Dynamometers including the Radiolink Plus, Compound Plus, Loadlink Plus, and Wirelink Plus. They are offered in a wide range of capacities from 3.25 Ton (for Dynamometers rated for 1T or 2.5T capacity) up to 600 Ton (For Dynamometers rated up to 500T).

Typically, a set of two shackles would be required for use on any one Dynamometer. Refer to the product listing below to help select the suitable set of shackles.


  • Approved for use from -40°F (-40°C) up to 400°F (204°C)
  • Proof-tested multiple times to insure reliable load holding capability
  • Fabricated from Carbon Steel with Galvanized Coating
  • Red pins make them easy to see and identify Crosby® quality
  • Made in the USA


Part NumberDynamometer Load (Ton)Dynamometer ModelsWeight (each)
10194901T and 2.5TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP5 Lbs
10195336.5TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP8 Lbs
101959712TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP16 Lbs
101965925TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP45 Lbs
102115635T and 55TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP65 Lbs
102117475TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP112 Lbs
1021192100TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP185 Lbs
1021218150TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP327 Lbs
1021234200TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP458 Lbs
1021243250TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP600
1021252300TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP800 Lbs
1021352500TRLP, CP, LLP and WLP2132 Lbs

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Item Description Price
G2130-3.25t shackle for 1t and 2.5t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2130-6.5t shackle for 6.5t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2130-12t shackle for 12t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2130-25t shackle for 25t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-55t shackle for 35t & 55t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-85t shackle for 75t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-120t shackle for 100t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-150t shackle for 150t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-200t shackle for 200t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-250t shackle for 250t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2140-300t shackle for 300t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
G2160-600t shackle for 500t dynamometers (Price per shackle)
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