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PTA Plug & TestTM Adapter

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Connect common strain gage-based load cells, force sensors, and torque sensors to our Models 5i and 3i indicators with this user-configurable adapter and software.

Sensor capacity and resolutions may be programmed via an included software utility, which includes a library of common force capacities from 0.12 to 750,000 lbF (0.5 N to 4,000 kN), and torque capacities from 10 ozFin to 40,000 lbFft (7 Ncm to 57,000 Nm). An identification number may be programmed, which is displayed upon indicator power-up or the indicator's Information screen.

Through Plug & TestTM technology, all configuration and calibration information is saved within the adapter. This flexibility allows for interchangeability between multiple sensors with both the 5i and 3i indicators.


  • Compatible with strain gage-based load cells, force sensors, and torque sensors
  • Screw terminal block allows for easy connection of sensor wires
  • Program the adapter via USB or RS-232 through the indicator
  • Supplied with a strain relief, user-writeable identification label, and Resource CD with software
  • Software configuration utility is included, for easy programming of sensor capacity, resolution, and identification number

Sensor and Indicator Requirements

Sensor Requirements:

- Type: Full Bridge
- Resistance: 300 - 1000 ohms
- Sensitivity: 1 - 3 mV/V

Indicator Requirements:

- Series-5i or Series-3i indicator with firmware version 1.0.9 or later*
* The PTA adapter cannot be configured using older indicator versions.

The PTA adapter can be used with older indicator versions, however, the adapter cannot be calibrated for single-direction load cells, such as load button and thru hole type load cells.

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