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060052 12 inch Calibration Arm, 900 lb-in / 75 lb-ft Capacity, 3/8 Sq Drive

Torque Wheel for calibration
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Calibrate your torque testers in-house with our Torque Wheels and Segment Arms. We offer precision arms for calibrating sensors from 50 oz-in to 1000 lb-ft.

Note: Weights sold separately and are not available from Checkline.

Suggested source for calibration weights:
Rice Lake Weighing Systems - www.ricelake.com
Troemner Precision Weights - www.troemner.com


  • Supplied with NIST traceable calibration certificate


ModelLength (Inches)Max WeightMax TorqueToleranceInput Drive (Square)
069980150 oz50 oz-in+/- .001"1/4 Inch
060095220 lbs40 lb-in+/- .001"1/4 and 3/8 Inch
060064465 lbs260 lb-in+/- .002"1/4 and 3/8 Inch
0611061025 lbs250 lb-in+/- .005"1/4 Inch
0600941075 lbs750 lb-in / 62 lb-ft+/- .005"3/8 Inch
06005610100 lbs1000 lb-in / 83 lb-ft+/- .005"1/2 Inch
0600521275 lbs900 lb-in / 75 lb-ft+/- .006"3/8 Inch
06009312100 lbs1200 lb-in / 100 lb-ft+/- .006"1/2 Inch
06009124125 lbs250 lb-ft Capacity+/- .012"1/2 Inch
06005324250 lbs500 lb-ft Capacity+/- .012"3/4 Inch
06009048125 lbs500 lb-ft Capacity+/- .024"3/4 Inch
06005448250 lbs1000 lb-ft Capacity+/- .024"1 Inch

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