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GLS2060-3 PosiTector GLS 20°/60° with Advanced Display, for high- to semi- gloss applications, Calculates Haze (Haze Index)

Made in USA-Defelsko
Positector GLS Gloss Meter
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The PosiTector GLS measures GU (gloss units) and percent reflectance. Innovative technology and factory calibration in the PosiTector GLS mean that it arrives ready-to-measure - usually, there is no need to perform a calibration adjustment. If the probe is resting in the included protective base plate and the Power-On Cal feature is enabled, the probe will automatically perform a check and calibration using the certified gloss standard (tile) incorporated in the base plate.

Conforms to ASTM C584/D523/D4039, ISO 2813/7668, JIS Z 8741, AS/NZS 1580.602.2

Select from 3 probe models:

GLS 60 – suitable for most gloss applications, preferred angle for semi-gloss

GLS 20/60 – suitable for high- to semi-gloss applications. Calculates Haze (Haze Index)

GLS 20/60/85 – suitable for high-, semi-, and matte- gloss applications and also calculates Haze (Haze Index)

GLS Probes

How to Measure Gloss with the PosiTector® GLS Gloss Meter


  • Includes Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NRC for both the probe and gloss standard included
  • Weatherproof, dustproof, and water-resistant gage body—IP65-rated enclosure
  • Larger 2.8" impact resistant color touchscreen with redesigned keypad for quick menu navigation
  • Automatic Diagnosis and Auto Calibration performed upon power-on using the protective base plate with integrated calibration standard (tile)
  • ​The GLS Glossmeter uses an LED for the light source in all its models

Complete Kit

ALL GLS GAGES COME COMPLETE with a protective base plate with integrated calibration standard (tile), 10 cleaning wipes, protective rubber holster, wrist strap, 3 AAA batteries, instructions, hard shell case, protective lens shield, Long Form Certificate of Calibration, USB cable, PosiSoft Software, two-year warranty.


Measurement Area20°: 10 x 10 mm
60°: 10 x 20 mm
85°: 4 x 45 mm
Measurement Range20°: 0 - 2,000 GU
60°: 0 - 1,000 GU
85°: 0 - 160 GU
Repeatability±0.2 GU (≤100 GU), ±0.2% (>100 GU)
Reproducibility±0.2 GU (≤100 GU), ±0.2% (>100 GU)
Reproducibility±0.5 GU (≤100 GU), ±0.5% (>100 GU)
Resolution Gloss±0.1 GU (≤100 GU), ±1 GU (>100 GU)
Resolution % Reflectance0.1%
Resolution Haze±0.1 (≤100), ±1 (>100)
Operating Conditions0° to 45° C (32° to 113° F) - non-condensing
Probe Size165 x 73 x 32 mm (6.5" x 2.875" x 1.25")
Probe Weight555 g (19.6 oz.)

Range Guide

Gloss Range60° valueMeasure with
High Gloss> 70 GU20°
Semi Gloss10 – 70 GU60°
Low/Matte< 10 GU85°


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PosiTector GLS 20°/60° with Advanced Display, for high- to semi- gloss applications, Calculates Haze (Haze Index)
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Probe for PosiTector GLS 60°, PROBE ONLY, Display Sold Separately
Probe for PosiTector GLS 20°/60°, PROBE ONLY, Display Sold Separately
Probe for PosiTector GLS 20°/60°/85°, PROBE ONLY, Display Sold Separately
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