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DX2F Limited Access Tension Meter

Made in Germany
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Long, flat fingers and miniature V-grooved rollers are used in applications where there is limited access space or where the running filaments are close together.

Measuring Head Dimensions
Head Width (X):
38 mm
Head Length (Y): 47 mm


  • 22 mm distance between outer rollers permits a narrow access "window" of only 1/2" x 1 - 1/2".
  • Rollers are rated for speeds up to 900 m/min. or, optionally, up to 2000 m/min (K).
  • Turned-up outer finger edges guide the running filament into the roller grooves, eliminating snags behind the rollers.

Tension Ranges

DX2F-33-30 grams
DX2F-510-50 grams
DX2F-1220-120 grams
DX2F-2020-200 grams
DX2F-3020-300 grams
DX2F-4020-400 grams
DX2F-80100-800 grams
DX2F-SP50-1000 grams
DX2F-EX100-1000 grams
DX2F-200200-2000 grams
*Note: Can be calibrated for cN units, add sufix "-CN" to end of part number

DX2F Dial Faces
*Note: not all scales are shown


Accuracy± 1% of full scale or
± 1 graduation mark on scale
Diameter of Scale41 mm
Maximum Speed6000 m/min
Roller MaterialHard-coated aluminum (standard)
Hardened steel (ST)
Chromed Steel (w)
Plastic (PL)
Housing MaterialDie-cast aluminum
Dimensions225 x 90 x 44 mm
(8.6" x 3.5" x 1.7")