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136-2 Web Tension Meter For Paper Making

Made in Germany
136-2 Web Tension Meter For Paper Making
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The 136-2 Hand-Held Tension Meter accurately measures the line tensions on running WET & DRY FELTS as well as on the FORMING FABRIC, SIEVE or WIRE. Designed specifically for use in the extremely harsh conditions around most papermaking presses, the 136-2 provides continuous tension values or peak tension values while the press is operating. The D-485 Tension Indicator can be mounted on the sensor for convenient one-hand operation or held separately connected via cable.

The 136-2 features a spring-loaded handle, which eliminates errors, caused by uneven pressure applied by operators. It makes taking measurements as simple as pressing the sensor gently on the web until the handle reaches the mechanical stop. Ball-bearing mounted rollers support the measurement head at speeds up to 1000 m/min. For higher speeds, a low friction ceramic-coated stabilizing plate is offered.

Not only does the 136-2 measure static and dynamic web tensions, but it also makes it possible to compare the tension in different parts of the web. The rugged 136-2 is fabricated from Stainless Steel and is water-resistant and rustproof, ensuring trouble-free use even in wet environments. The tension value is displayed on either the D485 Digital Tension Indicator or TM353 Analog model. The indicators can be mounted together with the sensor or used separately connected with a cable.


  • High overload capacity
  • Water-resistant design

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Supplied with Aluminum Carrying Case

136-2 Models are supplied in a rugged aluminum carrying case with custom fitted foam inserts to store, protect and help transport your 136-2 tension meter.


Accuracy± 1.5% Full Scale or better
Tension Ranges (kN/m)5 kN/m, 10 kN/m, *20 kN/m, 40 kN/m, 60 kN/m, 80 kN/m, 100 kN/m
Tension Ranges (PLI)30 PLI, 50 PLI, 100 PLI, 200 PLI, 300 PLI, 400 PLI, 500 PLI
Overload Protection200% +
Calibration CertificateOptional