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Dollies Dollies for Positest ATA and ATM Adhesion Testers

Made in USA-Defelsko
Dollies for Positest AT Pull-off Adhesion Testers
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Loading fixtures, stubs for adhesion testing.


AT-10 (DOLLY10)10 mm Dollies10
AT-14 (DOLLY14)14 mm Dollies10
AT-20 (DOLLY20)20 mm Dollies10
AT-50 (DOLLY50)50 mm Dollies4
DOLLY50C50 mm C1583 Dollies2
DOLLY50T50 mm² Tile Dollies4
PLATE50T50 mm² Plate4

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- Environmentally sealed enclosure – weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof - meets or exceeds IP65
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Item Description Price
10mm Dollies - 10 Pack - DOLLY10
10mm Dollies - 100 Pack
14mm Dollies - 10 Pack - DOLLY14
14mm Dollies - 100 Pack
20mm Dollies - 10 Pack - DOLLY20
20mm Dollies - 100 Pack
50mm Dollies - 4 Pack - DOLLY50, Requires Standoff Supplied in AT-50-KIT
50mm Dollies - 50 Pack, Requires 50mm Standoff Supplied in AT-50A-KIT. Not for use with AT-50C-KIT.
50 mm C1583 Dollies - 2 Pack, Requires Standoff Supplied in AT50CKIT
50 mm² Tile Dollies - 4 Pack, Requires Standoff Supplied in AT50TKIT
50 mm² Plate - 4 Pack, Requires Standoff Supplied in AT50TKIT
Drilling Template for 50 mm Dollies - TMPLTAS
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