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TSFM500-DC High Capacity Advanced Motorized Test Stand

Made in USA
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The TSFM500-DC is an Advanced Motorized Force Measurement Test Stand with a capacity of 500 lbF [2,200 N]. The stand offers generous clearance and throat depth, rugged construction, stepper motor design that prevents speed variation with load, and more. Additional features include PC control, programmable cycling, auto return, and other features.

Horizontal Model, TSFM500H-DC


  • Maximum travel: 4" [102 mm]
  • Speed range: 0.01 - 6 in/min [0.2 - 150 mm/min]
  • Speed accuracy: ±0.2% of setting, ±0% variation with load
  • Loading table with 25 #10-32 UNF holes for fixture mounting
  • Universal power supply: 80-250 VAC
  • Manual travel knob
  • Mounting holes for bench mounting
  • Base may be removed for alternative mounting
  • CE Certified
  • Includes adjustable Limit Switches

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Controller Features

  • Computer Control

    An RS-232 port is provided to interface with a PC. The TSFM500-DC accepts a number of commands pertaining to test stand motion and force gauge functions*. The following additional items are required for PC control:

    - Series 5 or Series 7 force gauge(more info)

    - 09-1056 serial cable (see Optional Equipment)

    - 09-1162 multi-function cable (see Optional Equipment)

  • Overload Protection
    Protects a force gauge against overload (requires a Series 4, 5, or 7 force gauge and 09-1162 multi-function cable). The user programs the desired percentage of full scale of the gauge. Adjustable analog output voltage setting allows the test stand to interface with virtually any force gauge with analog output.

  • Auto-return
    The crosshead moves to a limit switch or force set point (requires a Series 4, 5, or 7 force gauge), stops, and reverses direction at maximum speed to the other limit switch or set point.

  • Cycling / Dwell Time
    The crosshead moves up and down between limit switches or force set points (requires a Series 4, 5, or 7 force gauge). Configurable up to 99,999 cycles. Dwell time allows the operator to program the amount of time, up to 9,999.9 seconds, in 0.1 second intervals, for which the crosshead pauses at limits.

  • Programmable UP / DOWN Button Functions
    UP and DOWN button operation can be configured in three user-configurable modes: Maintained: a short push produces continuous motion until STOP is pressed, Momentary: crosshead moves only while the button is pressed, and Auto: short push produces maintained motion, while holding down the button will produce momentary motion.

  • Independent Up and Down Speeds
    Programmable independent speeds for up and down directions

  • Selectable speed units of measurement (in/min & mm/min)

  • Password protection

    Prevents unauthorized changes to test parameters

*Contains no integrated travel measurement. Travel information available only through the external TSF001 digital travel display, requiring an additional serial port on the PC. For an integrated solution with full PC control, including travel distance, see test stand model ESM301.


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Motorized Test Stand, 500 lb Capacity, Vertical
Motorized Test Stand, 500 lb Capacity, Horizontal
Digital travel display for Series TSF stands, 6" / 150 mm
Cable, travel display to Mitutoyo, old PN 09-1066
Interface cable, gauge to test stand controller, coiled, 32" retracted, old PN 09-1162
Serial cable, test stand to PC, old PN 09-1056
Converter Cable, Mitutoyo to USB
Horizontal/wall mounting kit for Series TSF and TST stands
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The TSFM500-DC contains a universal power supply (80 - 240V) and includes a power cord with US plug. Add suffix ‘E’ for Euro plug, ‘U’ for UK plug, or 'A' for Australian plug.


The TSFM500-DC / TSFM500H-DC is supplied with four hooks (small, medium, large, and extra large), 1/2-20F adapter plate, 2" and 3" compression plates, two couplers (#10-32 coupler and 5/16-18), and wrench set.