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F1505-EM Test frame with EasyMESUR® control panel, vertical, short, 1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN

Made in USA
EasyMESUR Test Frame Mark-10
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4 Models
Travel - 14.2in / 360mm
F755S - 750 lb / 3.4 kN
F1505S - 1500 lb / 6.7 kN

Travel - 32in / 813mm
F1505 - 1500 lb / 6.7 kN
F755- 750 lb / 3.4 kN

Load Cell and Grips Sold Separately

Series F test frames with EasyMESUR® are engineered to perform a wide range of tension and compression tests, including break testing, cycling, limit testing to a load or distance, load holding, average force testing, and more.

Set up and run tests, export results, and create a report via the integrated, easy-to-use touchscreen interface – no PC or force gauge required. For unique needs, run the tester from a PC with your own custom application utilizing EasyMESUR®’s serial command library.

Sample setup and fine positioning are a breeze with available FollowMe® force-based positioning - using your hand as your guide, push and pull on the force gauge or load cell to move the crosshead at a variable rate of speed.

Engineered around a modular function platform, the EasyMESUR® run screen can be arranged with large, simple controls – or configured for more advanced applications with a selection of optional functions, including distance measurement, graphing, cycling, and more. Purchase functions and packages at time of order or enable them in the field via activation codes. All testers are shipped in a 160-hour evaluation mode, in which all functions are available.

Generous travel, clearance, and depth dimensions accommodate samples of various shapes and properties. Modular mechanical design accommodates single- and double-column extensions for oversized specimens.

Select from vertical or horizontal orientations, along with a broad range of force sensor capacities and an expansive array of grips and fixtures.


  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Easy-To-Use Touch Screen Controller
  • Adjustable upper and lower solid state limit switches
  • Easy-to-service electronics
  • Position accuracy of ±0.006 in / 0.15 mm under any load, at any position
  • Smooth, quiet operation, with virtually no speed variation under load
  • The EasyMESUR® integrated control panel centralizes test setup, test frame control, and data collection into one convenient place.


F755-EM F755S-EM F1505-EM F1505S-EM
Load capacity*: 750 lbF
[3.4 kN]
1,500 lbF
[6.7 kN]
Maximum travel: 32.0 in
[813 mm]
14.2 in
[360 mm]
32 in
[813 mm]
14.2 in
[360 mm]
Standard speed range: 0.5 - 24 in/min
[10 - 600 mm/min]
Optional speed range: 0.001 - 60 in/min
[0.02 - 1,525 mm/min]
0.001 - 70 in/min
[0.02 - 1,800 mm/min]
Load accuracy
(% of full scale)
  • Test frame: ±0.1%
  • Force sensor: Series FS05: ±0.1% | Series R07: ±0.15%
Load sampling rate: 5,000 Hz
Data acquisition rate: 100 Hz
Speed accuracy: ±0.2% of setting, virtually no variation with load
Position accuracy: ±0.006 in [0.15 mm], at any load or position
Distance resolution: 0.001 in [0.02 mm]
Limit switch repeatability: ±0.001 in [0.03 mm]
Overload protection: Motor stops at 120% of full scale of the force sensor
Power: Universal input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300W Universal input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 450W
Fuse type: 4A, 3AG, SLO BLO
Weight (test frame only): 184 lb
[83 kg]
149 lb
[68 kg]
197 lb
[89 kg]
157 lb
[71 kg]
Shipping weight: 235 lb
[107 kg]
195 lb
[88 kg]
247 lb
[112 kg]
205 lb
[93 kg]
Environmental conditions:
  • Indoor use only
  • Up to 6,500 ft [2,000 m] above sea level
  • Temperature range: 40 - 95°F [5 - 35°C]
  • Humidity range: up to 80% relative humidity at 31°C, decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40°C, non-condensing
  • Mains supply voltage fluctuations up to ±10 % of the nominal voltage
  • Transient overvoltages up to the levels of Overvoltage Category II
  • Use in environments up to Pollution Degree 2
Conformance: CE, UKCA
Warranty: 3 years [see individual statement for further details]


The EasyMESUR® integrated control panel centralizes test setup, test frame control, and data collection into one convenient place. Use the 7” touchscreen to create and run a wide range of tests, including:

  • Test to a load
  • Test to a sample break
  • Test to a distance
  • Load holding
  • Cycle testing
  • Average force testing

View data in graphical format or results tables. Save or export data as needed, or generate a report.

What's your point of view?

Run a test via the Standard, Graph, or Results views, and switch views as needed. Pass / Fail indicator easily identifies problematic samples.

Test setup is easy as 1-2-3

Basic tests

Select a test type, and EasyMESUR® will guide you through the setup.

Load Limit

Distance Limit

Break Limit

Load Hold



1. Basic Test Settings

  • Test direction
  • Speed
  • Test-specific parameters
  • Data save preferences

2. Results Settings

  • Select results
  • Enable and configure pass/fail limits
  • Set data collection rate
  • Set auto-return to home

3. Graph Settings

  • Single-point vs. continuous graphing
  • Set force vs. time or vs. distance
  • Graphing start threshold

Robust data acquisition and management

Blazingly fast

Force sensor sampling rate of 5,000 Hz yields accurate peak measurements even in quick-duration events. EasyMESUR® collects load and travel data at up to 100 Hz, and allows up to 100,000 data points per run.

Customizable reporting

Print or create a PDF report, including results, statistics, graph, system and user information, and comments.

Create report templates to save with future reports.

Save or export data

Automatically or manually save individual runs and results to a USB drive or file location of your choice. File names are automatically generated with the test name and time stamp, for quick searchability.

Results sets and data from individual runs may also be exported as .csv files.

Intelligent manual control

Manually control the test frame to obtain quick force and distance results, or manually position the crosshead prior to a test. Select from several actuation methods, including momentary (button-hold), maintained (button release) motion, jog mode with three distance presets, and FollowMe® force-based positioning.

Push and pull on the force sensor to move the crosshead. Apply greater load to achieve faster motion. FollowMe® is responsive enough for quick positioning as well as fine adjustments.

Calibrate force sensors on the test frame or off-site

Calibrate force sensors in one of two ways:

Test frame

EasyMESUR® provides an integrated utility, with an intuitive step-by-step wizard. Manual controls allow the technician to use the test frame to apply tension and compression forces.

Secure user access

Control user access to sensitive areas, such as test editing and calibration, via password.

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Standard speed range0.5 - 24 in/min - 10 - 600 mm/min
Optional speed range0.02 – 45 in/min - 0.5 – 1,100 mm/min
Load accuracyTest frame: ±0.1%*
Load sampling rate5,000 Hz
Data acquisition rate100 Hz
Speed accuracy±0.2% of setting, virtually no variation with load
Position accuracy±0.006 in / 0.15 mm, at any load or position
Distance resolution0.001 in / 0.02 mm
Limit switch repeatability±0.001 in / 0.03 mm
PowerUniversal input 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 120W
Warranty3 Years
Weight (test frame only)Refer to PDF brochure (in downloads section)
Shipping weightRefer to PDF brochure (in downloads section)
DimensionsRefer to PDF brochure (in downloads section)
* Load capacity is reduced at higher speeds, as follows:
- F305: limited to 200 lbF [1 kN] above 24 in [610 mm]/min
- F505 / F505H: limited to 300 lbF [1.3 kN] above 24 in [610 mm]/min

See PDF Brochure for additional specifications

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Test frame with EasyMESUR® control panel, vertical, short, 1,500 lbF / 6.7 kN
Optional Functions
Distance Measurement Option
Distance Limits for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
EMF003-2 for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
High Speed Extension
Low Speed Extension
Break Detection
Load Holding
Graphing & Reporting
PC Control
Coefficient of Friction (COF) Measurement
Spring Rate Measurement
Optional Function Packages
Distance Measurement Package for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
Speed Extension Package for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
Advanced Functionality Package for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
Complete Options Package (All functions) for EasyMESUR-HR Stands
USB communication adapter connects EasyMESUR® control panel to a PC for data collection by a third-party / SPC Software
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