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LS-SCU Stroboscope Remote Control

Made in Germany
Stroboscope Control Unit - LS-SCU
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Designed to provide a programmable frequency output for use to Control Xenon and LED Stroboscopes. Programmable adjustments include flash rate (FPM or Hz), Pulse Duration (usec), Pulse Degree, Delay (msec), Phase Shift (Degree), Divider and more.

All controls are accessed via 6 tactile buttons on the front of the controller with all values shown on a alpha/numeric LCD Display. Unit is 24V DC powered and is supplied with 5 ft. connection cable.

Universal Power Supply with 4 plug adapters (for use with 100–265V AC) available as an option.

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Frequency30.0 - 999.9 FPM ± 0.1
1,000 - 600,000 FPM ±1
0.5 - 999.9 Hz ± 0.1
1,000 - 10,000 HZ ± 1
Pulse Widthabsolute (± 1) and
relative (± 1°) adjustable
Phase Shift0 - 359° ±1°
Delay0.0 - 2,000.0 ms ± 0.1 ms
Divider1 - 255 ± 1
Power Supply10 - 32 V DC, with reverse polarity protection
Current intake<50 mA
Trigger Input
Low Level< 1 V
Level3 - 32 V, NPN + PNP
Minimum pulse Length50 µs
Reverse voltage protectionYes
Trigger Output
PrincipleShort circuit and overvoltage proof transistor output to the optocoupler control, non-isolated
Pulse Lengthadjustable
Warranty1 Year
Housing MaterialABS / EPDM
Default SettingsFPM 1000, Hz 16.6, PULSE µs 333, PULSE deg 2°, DELAY ms 0.0, PHASE deg 0°, DIVIDER 1, OPTION 0
Dimensions162x82x40 mm / 6.4x3.3x1.6 inch
Weight230 g
Ambient Temperature0 - 50 °C (32 - 122 °F)

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Remote Control Unit and connection cable
5-pin DIN Connector for use with all LS-Strobes and LS-SCU Strobe Controller
Connection cable with LS-5-DIN at both ends, 5 ft length
Extension Cable for LS Strobes, 2 meter with 5-pin MALE/5-pin FEMALE DIN Connectors
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