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WLS Wireless Load Shackle

Made in UK
Wireless Loadshackle
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The WLS Wireless Loadshackle is designed to measure tension / lifting weight in limited headroom applications. Each Wireless Loadshackle is proof tested, then equipped with a hard-anodized aluminum electronics enclosure. Contained within this aluminum enclosure is a new internal chassis providing IP67/NEMA6 environmental protection even with the battery cover plate missing.

Featuring industry-leading wireless technology and range, the Wireless Loadshackle is supplied with an update rate of 3Hz and can be easily configured to run at speeds of up to 200Hz. Data is transmitted wirelessly utilizing the latest in IEEE 802.15.4 (2.4 GHz) technology providing safe, high integrity, error-free transmission of both static weight and dynamic load to a wireless handheld controller or Wireless Windows PC data logging software package. Our Wireless data logging software allows for simultaneous control, display and real-time data logging of up to 100 telemetry load cells.

Logged data is captured in a .csv file format and opens in MS Excel providing easy visual presentation, analysis of logged data, and simple test certificate generation. Our Wireless Loadshackle utilizes easily sourced AA alkaline batteries and features advanced circuitry designed to protect the unit from damage associated with incorrectly installed batteries. This advanced circuitry extends battery life and the use of easily sourced alkaline batteries eliminates issues associated with rechargeable battery pack charging, failure, and replacement. Our huge range of tooling allows us to calibrate in shackle for extra accuracy, unlike many other loadcell manufacturers. A full array of wireless accessories are also available including signal boosters, LED wireless scoreboards and base stations with analog (4-20mA, 0-10v, 0-5v) or digital (RS232/485, Modbus RTU, and ASCII serial communications protocol) outputs. There is no better choice than the WLS Wireless Loadshackle for limited headroom applications.


  • Proprietary 2.4 GHz Wireless
  • Error free data transmission
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Internal antennae
  • Remote on/off
  • Industry leading wireless range
  • Unrivalled resolution
  • Unmatched battery life
  • Low headroom
  • Lightweight
  • Each WLS is supplied with a load-centring bobbin
  • Design validated by F.E.A.
  • Bluetooth Option allows user to use Free App for wither Android or IOS Smarphones to view, log and transfer data via email or text. This eliminates the need for using a separate Hand-Held indicator.


ModelCapacityResolutionWeightSafety FactorOverall Height
WLS3.25T7150 lb
3.25 te
10 lb
0.005 te
6.16 lb
2.8 kg
5:14.17 In
106 mm
WLS6.5T14300 lb
6.5 te
10 lb
0.005 te
7 lb
3.2 kg
5:15.83 In
148 mm
WLS12T26400 lb
12 te
20 lb
0.01 te
17.6 lb
8 kg
5:18.27 In
210 mm
WLS25T55000 lb
25 te
50 lb
0.02 te
40 lb
18 kg
5:112.32 In
313 mm
WLS55T120000 lbs
55 te
100 lb
0.05 te
55 lb
25 kg
5:113.70 In
348 mm
WLS85T185000 lbs
85 te
100 lb
0.05 te
99 lb
45 kg
5:117.83 In
453 mm
WLS120T260000 lbs
120 te
200 lb
0.1 te
187 lb
85 kg
5:121.50 In
546 mm
WLS200T440000 lbs
200 te
200 lb
0.2 te
473 lb
215 kg
5:129.25 In
743 mm
WLS300T660000 lbs
300 te
1000 lb
0.5 te
801 lb
364 kg
5:135.24 In
895 mm
WLS400T880000 lbs
400 te
1000 lb
0.5 te
1144 lb
520 kg
5:140.24 In
1022 mm

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Accuracy+/- 1% of Full Scale
Data Rate3 updates per second
Range2300 ft / 700 m
Operating Temp14 to 122˚F / -10 to +50 °C
Battery LifeLoadcell 1200Hrs continuous
Battery TypeLoadcell 4x AA Alkaline
ProtectionNEMA 6 / IP67

Complete Kit

The WLS is supplied as a complete kit including the shackle, centralising bobbin, calibration certificate and instruction manual. All Models are supplied in Wooden Crates.


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