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LoadLink-Plus Digital Dynamometer Tension Loadcell

Made in UK
LoadLink-Plus Digital Dynamometer
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The LoadLink-Plus Digital Dynamometer is designed for weighing and dynamic load monitoring in a wide range of applications. It has been in production and supplied globally to the lifting and rigging industry since 1979.

The Loadlink plus has an easy to read LCD display and push button operation for a host of features demanded by operators worldwide.
This range of digital dynamometer load cells are used on a daily basis for load monitoring, weighing and heavy lifts ranging in capacity from 1 to 300 tonnes, by a variety of industries including rigging, shipping, transportation, offshore and onshore oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and mining.

The Loadlink plus is manufactured from high-quality and high-tensile aircraft grade aluminum. Due to this manufacturing process Straightpoint Loadlink digital dynamometer load cells are on average 30% lighter than our closest competitor with the same safety rating making them idea for portable load testing.

Thirty years of experience manufacturing this rugged, lightweight loadcell with advanced electronics and full feature display make the Loadlink Plus the number one product for the lifting and rigging industry worldwide.

llp features


  • Large easy to read LCD Display
  • High Accuracy of ±0.1% full scale
  • Selectable Units - t, lbs, kg or kN
  • High Resolution, 5000 divisions as standard
  • Peak Hold – 100Hz peak force analysis
  • Tare and Preset tare
  • Lightweight due to aluminum construction
  • Overload Counter – ideal for rental industry
  • 90 db Audible Set Point Alarm to warn operator of overload
  • RS-485 Serial Output to connect to Handheld plus or Desktop Controller
  • Designed for use with standard Crosby or Green Pin Shackles
  • Complete Design of load cell has been validated by Finite Element Analysis
  • Bluetooth Option allows user to use Free App for wither Android or IOS Smarphones to view, log and transfer data via email or text. This eliminates the need for using a separate Hand-Held indicator.
  • DNV Type Approval (DNVGL-ST-0378 – Standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances)
  • Environmental protection rating of IP65 / NEMA5
  • Warranty 1-Year (FREE Extension to 2-Years with Product Registration)
  • Made in the UK

LoadLink-Plus LLP Product Video

Models / Measuring Ranges

Load Pin
Overall Height
LLP1T2000 lb
1000 kg
1 lb
0.5 kg
3.1 lb
1.4 kg
12:13/4 In
19 mm
204 mm
LLP2T55500 lb
2.5 te
2 lb
0.001 te
3.1 lb
1.4 kg
5:13/4 In
19 mm
204 mm
LLP5T11000 lb
5 te
2 lb
0.001 te
4.4 lb
2 kg
5:11 In
25 mm
249 mm
LLP12T26000 lb
12 te
5 lb
0.002 te
7.1 lb
3.2 Kg
5:11-3/8 In
35 mm
305 mm
LLP25T55000 lb
25 te
10 lb
0.005 te
11 lb
5 kg
5:12 In
51 mm
340 mm
LLP35T77000 lb
35 te
10 lb
0.005 te
19 lb
8.6 kg
5:12-1/4 In
57 mm
393 mm
LLP50T110000 lb
50 te
20 lb
0.01 te
25.3 lb
11.5 kg
5:12-1/4 In
57 mm
424 mm
LLP75T165000 lb
75 te
20 lb
0.01 te
35.3 lb
16 kg
5:12-3/4 In
70 mm
470 mm
LLP100T220000 lb
100 te
100 lb
0.05 te
75 lb
34 kg
5:13-1/4 In
83 mm
608 mm
LLP150T330000 lb
150 te
100 lb
0.05 te
101.4 lb
46 kg
4:13-3/4 In
95 mm
670 mm
LLP200T440000 lb
200 te
200 lb
0.1 te
158.7 lb
72 kg
5:14-3/4 In
121 mm
700 mm
LLP250T550000 lb
250 te
200 lb
0.1 te
158.7 lb
72 kg
4:15 In
127 mm
700 mm
LLP300T660000 lb
300 te
200 lb
0.1 te
260 lb
118 kg
5:16 In
152 mm
806 mm

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Accuracy+/- 0.1% of Full Scale
Battery Type9v PP3
Battery Life80 hours continuous
Display Type6 digit 1 inch LCD (25mm)
Operating Temp14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
Protection SensorIP65 / NEMA5
Warranty1-Year (FREE Extension to 2-Years with Product Registration)

Complete Kit

The Loadlink plus is supplied as a complete kit including the dynamometer, RFID tag, calibration certificate, and instruction manual. Models up to 35T/77,000lbs are supplied in foam fitted carrying cases. Larger capacities are supplied in an approved shipping crate.


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