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CL-150 Constant Load Durometer Stand with Flexible Coupling

Made in Japan
cl-150 durometer test stand
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CL-150L - for Shore A and Asker C Durometers
CL-150H - for Shore D Durometer
CL-150M - for Shore A, D and Asker C Durometers
CL-150R1 - with Print Roller Holder for Shore A and Shore C Durometers

CL-150 Constant Load Stand with Flexible coupling eliminates different speed and load variables which occur when testing samples with a hand-held durometer. The test speed and load the durometer applies to rubber and plastic samples are kept constant with a pneumatic damper and a standard weight.

In addition, the unique flexible coupling on the CL-150 enables the presser foot of the durometer to make perfect contact even on samples with inclined surfaces. Conventional fixed joint testers incompletely contact inclined test samples, resulting in uneven pressure being applied by the durometer. Special Models

The special model CL-150R1 hardness test stand allows precise measurement of various types of rubber rollers used in printers and copiers. The specimen holder with V-blocks secures the roller and can be adjusted so that the roller may be tested at any point.An anti-rotation feature holds position even after measuring.

Mount a model Asker X or EX durometer to the constant load stand for a full hardness testing system.

Durometer Sold Separately


  • Test speed and weight are constant
  • Test speed is adjustable with pneumatic damper
  • Unique flexible coupling system automatically aligns the presser foot to the surface of sample

Force Ranges

CL-150L1000gShore A and Asker C
CL-150H5000gShore D
CL-150M1000g/5000gShore A, D and Asker C


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Constant Load Durometer Stand for Asker C and Shore A Hardness Testing (Durometer Sold Separately)
Constant Load Durometer Stand for Shore D Hardness Testing (Durometer Sold Separately)
Constant Load Durometer Stand for Asker C, Shore A and Shore D Hardness Testing (Durometer Sold Separately)
Shore A Durometer - For Normal rubber
Asker C Durometer - For Soft rubber and sponge
Shore D Durometer - For Hard rubber and plastics
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