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STDCSS Certified Plastic Shim Set, Includes 8 Size Shims

Made in USA
Certified Plastic Shim Set
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Our STDCSS is a set of 8 plastic shims that simulate a coating over a particular substrate material or shape. The shims allow users to check coating thickness gauge performance and help with calibration adjustment.

The shims can also be used to protect the probe from damage or premature wear when placed over hot or abrasive surfaces. They can also be placed on top of soft or tacky coatings to obtain thickness measurements without the probe having to make direct contact with coating material.

STDCSS includes Calibration Certificate Traceable to PTB.

Shim Thickness

Approximate ThicknessColorMaterial
25 µm (1 mil)OrangePolyesther
50 µm (2 mil)RedPolyesther
75 µm (3 mil)GreenPolyesther
125 µm (5 mil)BluePolyesther
250 µm (10 mil)BrownPolyesther
500 µm (20 mil)YellowPETG
1000 µm (40 mil)WhitePolystyrene
1500 µm (60 mil)BlackPolystyrene
Accuracy: ±2 µm (±0.08 mil)


  • Includes Calibration Certificate Traceable to PTB
  • Certified shims provide an economical alternative to Coated Metal Plates but have a reduced accuracy
  • Certified and labeled in both Metric and Imperial units
  • Supplied in protective pouch

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PTB Certified shim set, 8 shims 25 um (1 mil) to 1500 um (60 mil)
ISO-17025 Calibration for STDCSS
Zero Plate, Steel (ferrous), 38mm disc, no coating
Zero Plate, Aluminum (non-ferrous), 38 mm disc, no coating
Zero Plate, Steel (ferrous), 100mm x 100mm x 6mm, no coating
Zero Plate, Aluminum (non-ferrous), 100mm x 100mm x 6mm, no coating
Zero Plate, Steel (ferrous), 180mm x 180mm x 6mm, no coating
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