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DCN-900 Coating Thickness Gauge - Measures Coatings On Non-Ferrous Metals

Made in USA
DCN-900 Coating Thickness Gauge
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DISCONTINUED, We recommend the MiniTest 650N as a replacement

Measuring Range 0.1-40.0 mils (1-999 µm)

DCN-900 measures the thickness of paint coatings, anodize on aluminum, brass, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.


  • Dependable accuracy over the entire range of the gauge, not just at "calibration check" points.
  • Measures to 0.01 mil (0.1 µm), automatically rounding off to the nearest 0.1 mil (1 µm).
  • Keypad-selectable English or metric units.
  • Continuous reading update detects soft coatings as probe tip "sinks" into them.
  • The DCF-900 and DCN-900 include the gauge and probe, a bare test plate, two precision calibrations shims & instructions, all in a foam-fitted carrying
  • Calibration to NIST standards is available upon request.
  • Remote probe permits easy access for difficult, hard-to-reach places.
  • Longer lasting, driftless calibration... Set it and forget it for long periods of time and from job to job
  • Very reliable operation... Consistent, repeatable measurements.
  • Excellent results with thin substrates... As thin as 0.005" (10 µm)
  • Operation unaffected by magnetic fields

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Measuring Limits

Minimum Radius for Convex Surfaces 0.375" (9.5 mm)
Minimum Radius for Concave Surfaces 2.5" (63.5 mm)
Minimum Headroom 2.5" (63.5mm)
Minimum Sample Diameter 0.5" (13 mm)
Minimum Substrate Thickness - F
Minimum Substrate Thickness - NFe


Range:0.1-40.0 mils (0-999 µm)
Probe:Eddy current, 0.4" (10 mm) dia., spring-loaded, with V-notched shell and 28" (70 cm) cable
Resolution:0.1 mil (1 µm)
Battery/Life:9 V alkaline/approx. 6 months normal use, with auto shutoff after 90 seconds of non-use.
Dimension:5.7" x 3.1" x 1.5"
(145 x 79 x 38 mm)
Weight:9 oz. (250 g)
Temperature LimitsMaterial: 15 to 140° F (-10 to 60° C)
Ambient: 32 to 125° F (0 to 50° C)
Warranty:One (1) year


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DCN-900 Coating Thickness Gauge, DISCONTINUED, We recommend the MiniTest 650N as a replacement
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