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CTM2 Cable Tension Meter Quick-Check

Made in USA
CTM2 Cable Tension Meter
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- Capacity: 2000 lb / 10 kN / 1000 kg - PN AWT05-508112
CTM2-10000 - Capacity: 10000 lb / 45 kN / 4500 kg - PN AWT05-508111
Higher Capacities Now Available, Click here info

The Checkline CTM2 Digital Cable Tension Meter quickly measures tension in guy wires, zip lines, guardrail cables, and utility lines. It installs, measures, and removes in seconds. The CTM2 features a precision loadcell for highly accurate measurements that do not require lookup or correction tables.

The CTM2 can be placed on a cable, measure the tension, and removed in under three seconds! There are no complex lookup tables, and no conversion charts. The operator can quickly select from 20 different wire sizes and types stored in CTM2's memory. The Check-Tensioning mode graphically displays the current and target tensions for an extremely quick setting of line tension. Even the infrequent battery changes are quick.

The CTM2 is used in many industries to ensure proper tensioning. Typical applications include tower and stack guy wires, zip lines, pretensioned cable barriers, bridges, elevators, winch rope, overhead electric transit wires, fall arrest systems, hll horizontal life lines, aircraft cables, and utilities.

cable tension meter features


  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional Bluetooth Output (CONTACT US FOR DETAILS)
  • Stores calibrations for up to 20 unique wire sizes and types up to 1 inch max. (25 mm)
  • Portable and rugged – designed for outdoor use
  • Telescoping handle engages meter quickly with minimal effort
  • Uses stanadrd AA Batteries for up to 120 hours of use
  • User-selected units of measure of Lbf, Kgf or Newtons
  • CE Certified
  • Calibration available for Alumoweld Cables

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The CTM2 needs to be calibrated in advance for each wire diameter / wire construction you will be measuring. 1 calibration is included at no charge, each additional calibration is $110.

When listing cables you must provide the diameter, construction, and material for example;
Cable 1: 1/2", 1x7, Galvanized
Cable 2: 3/4", 1x19, Stainless

Complete Kit

The CTM2 is supplied as a complete kit including tension meter, AWT20-508267 wire diameter gauge, instruction manual, and calibration certificate in a heavy duty carrying case.


CapacityCTM2-2000 - 2000 lb / 10 kN / 1000 kg
CTM2-10000 - 10000 lb / 45 kN / 4500 kg
Resolution (Selectable)CTM2-2000 Low 10lb/5Kg - Med 5lb/2Kg - High 2lb/1Kg
CTM2-10000 Low 50lb/20Kg - Med 20lb/10Kg - High 10lb/5Kg
*Default Setting is Medium
Wire sizes3/16 inch through 1 inch (4.75 - 25mm)
Accuracy±3% instrument capacity
Number of calibrationsUp to 20 can be stored independently
Operating Temperature-4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Loading errorCable elongation of only 0.08 inch (2mm)
DisplayInformative Display: Shows Unit, Wire Type, Sheave & Battery;
Date and TimeIncluded
Calibration ReminderIncluded (set by factory)
BacklightIncluded (configurable intensity and timer)
PowerAA batteries x2
Battery Life10 Hz = over 250 hours continuous
100Hz = over 100 hours continuous
*Tested with blacklight off
AZT (Automatic Zero Tracking) & FilteringConfigurable AZT and Filtering
Carrying CaseIncluded
RS-232 Port4-Pin Lemo RS-232 output
Sheave rangeSheave accommodates rated cable size and 1/2" smaller. Sheaves are not compatible with larger wire sizes - order additional sheaves for wire sizes.
Units Of Measurepound-force, kilogram force, Newtons
Environment protectionSuitable for continued outdoor use
Dimensions10 x 23 x 3 inch (25 x 59 x 8 cm)
WeightApprox 11 lb (5 kg)
Shipping Weight30 lbs (14 kg)
Shipping Dimensions28 x 16 x 7 inches (71 x 41 x 18 cm) with carrying case
Warranty2 Years
Cal AlertPW=801 to Reset


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Item Description Price
Cable Tension Meter, 2000lb Capacity with 1 set of sheaves, Calibration for 1 Wire Size / Construction and carrying case pn AWT05-508112
Cable Tension Meter, 10,000lb Capacity with 1 set of sheaves, Calibration for 1 Wire Size / Construction and carrying case. pn AWT05-508111
Cable Tension Meter, 10,000lb Cap with 2 sets of sheaves (P,T) and case, Pre-Calibrated with 16 calibrations - Click to view calibrations AWT05-508251
Data export pack, includes all cables and wedge software to send data from gauge to PC
Code L Sheave up to 1/4" cable (1 set included with purchase of meter, extra sheaves $425.)
Code P Sheave up to 1/2" cable (1 set included with purchase of meter, extra sheaves $310.)
Code S Sheave for 1/4" to 3/4" (1 set included with purchase of meter, extra sheaves $310.)
Code T Sheave for 1/2" to 1" (1 set included with purchase of meter, extra sheaves $310.)
Additional Calibration for CTM2
Cable Diameter Gauge, Quickly Identifies Cable Size
CTM2 Quick-Check Service Kit (35pcs) Replacement Bolts, Washers, Screws, Nuts
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